Impound car insurance

10 compelling reasons why you need impound car insurance?

When you are insuring your car, you might think that you don’t need anything else. However, if your car is impounded by the police and taken to the pound, the situation becomes even more critical. If you have an impounded car, you will need to get a specialist type of insurance to release it. Impounded car insurance makes sure that you can get your car back from the police pound without much fuss.

Why a standard car insurance policy will not be enough?

Why do you need impound car insurance? 

if you are insured already. It may be straightforward to assume that if your car is insured, then you will be able to release it after paying the pound fines. But, under most standard insurance policies as early as the car is impounded that insurance policy will quickly become invalid. It is because impounded cars are generally excluded from the policy documentation.

Why does a car gets impounded?

There can be many reasons a car gets impounded by the police. Usually, they tend to be related to insurance. You must have insurance to drive a car in the UK. Failure to have valid insurance can result in the police impounding your car. You might have purchased valid insurance but invalidated it without realizing it.

Cars can also be impounded by the authorities if you are driving without a valid driving license. It could be if you are driving on a provisional license without valid supervision. It could also be if you have previously had your license abolished, and you are continuing to drive.

Impound car insurance 

If the police do impound your car, your standard car insurance will no longer be valid. You generally can’t drive your car out of the police pound by using a standard car insurance policy. This is where impounded car insurance involves.

Impound car insurance covers you for the period of releasing your car and for 30 days after while you arrange a longer-term insurance policy.

What else should you need to do?

Our insurance team can get you an insurance quote and cover it the same day. Our impound policies are generally valid for a minimum of 30 days. This is the minimum policy accepted by the pound staff. It is because it helps assure them that you will be driving legally for the predictable.

Once you have an insurance policy in place, you need to take the insurance documents to the police pound to prove you have the right cover for your policy. The pound staff will then either call the insurance provider to validate your coverage.

What documents do you need to release an impounded car?

When you are in the process of releasing your impounded car, there are specific requirements. At Release my vehicle, we are experts in helping drivers release their impounded vehicles quickly. Here are the few documents you need to release an impounded car:

Impound car insurance documents

The pound staff will want these to prove you have taken out insurance that covers you for a particular amount of time.

Driving license

This includes that you have a valid driving license.

Proof of ownership

You have to prove that you are the registered owner of the car in the police pound.

How can you get impound car insurance with Release my vehicle?

When the police stop your car, they will likely ask you for insurance. After speaking to the police and finding out what they need from you to retrieve your impounded car, contact us to arrange the insurance we will provide you with the right cover that you need. The process is easy and quick with us.

What happens if your impound car policy ends?

Once the ongoing policy expires, we can help you get an annual insurance policy. It may be that the reason your car was impounded will impact your insurance, if you have driving convictions or points for speeding, we are experts in these insurance policies, so can help you get a suitable rate.

Release my vehicle insurance policy

If you want to ensure that you get the right cover to release your car from the police pound. At Release my vehicle, we are working with many insurance companies providing cheap impound car insurance to help you when you require it.

Our experienced team is an expert in helping you get your car back. They can provide expert advice to help you know what to do. We can provide quick rates for impounded cars over the phone.

When your car is impounded, it can be a challenging time. Some insurance policies can be costly but are there any dangers of impound car insurance?

Using only online insurance providers

In pursuit of getting cheap impound car insurance can end up costing you even more. It can happen if you are using insurance providers only online. These kinds of insurance policies tend to work out cheaper than from an insurance provider. But, when you take your documents to the pound to retrieve your car, the pound staff will likely want to contact the insurer.

Can you get 1-day insurance?

Another way drivers like to get cheap insurance is to purchase coverage for 1-day. However, the pound staff will unlikely be satisfied with 1-day cover only. This is because you are at a high risk of being uninsured if you can’t arrange insurance by the next day. If this happens, they will refuse to release your car and you will have to take out another insurance policy costing you even more.

The pound staff will inform you how many days minimum they need for you to retrieve your vehicle. It will depend on the police at the pound, however, it is generally 28 or 30 days covered.

Providing the incorrect information to the pound

Some drivers provide wrong information in pursuit to lower the cost of insurance premiums. False information could include wrong statements about who was driving or any driving convictions.

When the police confirm coverage, they will double-check the information they have and ensure it matches what the insurer knows. If this does not happen, you will have to pay more money.

Due to the nature of impound car insurance, most insurance providers will not offer refunds once the policy is set up. It is necessary to provide all the right information at the start. This is to insure the policy will be able to release the car.

If you have any questions regarding vehicles impounded by the police, you can always contact us.