Mist Eliminator
Mist Eliminator

3 types of Mist Eliminator and its usage

Mist eliminators are essential for keeping the atmosphere free from mist or any harmful liquid generated in industries.


What are the various types of mist eliminators available in the market?


Below mentioned are the tools used in various channels of mist eliminator.


  1. Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator


This type of air purifier which removes the mist is commonly used in every household. This is because of the cost-effective nature of this device. It is also known for providing effective features and excellent performance for the elimination of mist. These are manufactured from numerous compressed layers of metallic twine.


This can also be made from thermoplastic layers which are tied together to form a grid pattern. These are known for their excellent functioning in both horizontal and vertical arrangements of airflow. These types of eliminators of mist can function properly in any climatic condition without error.


Wire mesh eliminators of mist are used to segregate the dirt and mist from the air. This makes the air breathable for the residents or workers of the factory. This whole process of separating the toxic droplets from the air can happen through the process known as Brownian diffusion.


This method makes the mist travel in random motion and settles down. This clears the air above for breathing without any toxic affluence that gets stuck in the air like particles.


Before selecting this type of eliminator, one needs to check for the floor type and the area to be covered. The thickness of the mesh is also essential to be studied before buying it.


  1. Vane Mist Eliminator


The next type of air purifier that eliminates the mist is the Vane eliminator. They are additionally called chevron eliminators. They tend to be used for casting of large droplets of fuel from the atmosphere. This form of eliminator makes use of an inertial effect to split air droplets that are known to follow the pattern as particulate substances from the airflow.


It is of a pattern in which plates are placed parallel in order to form a zigzag appearance to let the droplets relax on them. These can additionally be integrated with the vane eliminators and offer an excellent mechanism for the removal of mist from the surroundings.


  1. Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator


If an individual desires to remove even the finest of the particulate material, then they need to use this type of eliminator for the removal of mist. The industries prefer this one in order to provide a secure atmosphere for their workers. They are the easiest to handle, with the utmost advantage in the form of removal of mist.


What are the advantages of using such a device for the removal of particulate material from the air?


  • These are less expensive than the purifiers available on the market. Hence, it provides a cost-effective mechanism for the removal of mist from the surroundings.
  • This device is even effective in the removal of finer particulate substances present in the air. Therefore, they are a must-explore considering the vast range of advantages offered.




In a nutshell, mist eliminator is used in industries or chemical plants for the filtration of air. They are designed specially in order to provide a breathable environment for the workers. The mechanism of removing contaminants from the air emissions is what the device is used for. The toxic particles that evolve as mist droplets are removed from the atmosphere. Be it oil or acid mist that is produced by the industries, the eliminators can be used for cleaning.