Bags for everyday use

5 Essentials Bags for Everyday Occasions. 

If there is one companion who never leaves you and always be with you no matter where you are, it is none other than your bags. Whether you are strolling around the street or attending a party of your best friend, the bags is something that never leaves you. To help you out with the choices below, we have curated a list of 5 bags that you can try yourself on any occasion. This guide will help you in mastering the art of choosing the right bag, which helps elevate your lifestyle wherever you go. 

5 Popular Bags for Everyday Occasions.

Here is the list of 5 popular Bags for everyday occasions.


Among all the variety of bags available, a backpack is something that constantly keeps on updating according to the trend. You do not have to sacrifice your convenience and comfort due to style. They are designed to carry your essentials and everyday items instead of just being created for styling purposes. 

These backpacks come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. It depends on the wearer and how they are going to use it.

You can be concerned about certain things before going for the backpack for everyday use. 

  • Keep the design simple and minimalistic
  • Choose the right size and material based on your necessities. 
  • Try to choose a backpack with a good color combination. 

Tote Bag 

A tote bag is a large spacious side bag that can easily carry all types of stuff that a backpack can carry. Women mainly wear these bags, but with the evaluation of the fashion nowadays, they are also a popular choice among men. 

You will find most of these tote bags lying in your wardrobe and cars, which help you get access to the unprepared shopping and essential items run. 

Things to consider when choosing a tote bag for everyday use. 

  • Style
  • Price  
  • Shape 
  • Strength 
  • Availability 

Handmade Leather bags 

Another popular variety of bags that you can use for everyday use is genuine handmade leather bags. If there is one bag that is an object of beauty and an extension of your personality is the leather bag. 

These bags are attractive to your personality; no matter how you carry your personality, they surely suit your personality. 

Here are the things you must consider before buying a handmade leather bag.

  • Handmade or Machine made 
  • Durability of the Leather 
  • What type of Leather used 
  • Budget 
  • Style 

If you are also among those who love styling your outfit with ethnic bags, then the Kutchi bazaar is the one-stop online store to buy handmade leather bag online in India. 

They have a vast variety of handmade leather bags, which are completed handmade by the artisans of the Kutch. The artform used in creating these bags has been practiced for decades and keeps on passing from generation to generation.

Some of the most popular leather bag categories Kutchi bazaar is masters at are soft leather box bags, embroidery sling bags, and vintage box bags. 

Various age-old ancestral techniques are used in the preparation of these bags. The artisans use slicing, branding, punching, and hand stitching activities, and all these techniques help them stand out from the crowd. Some of the bags even contain some popular art forms such as the bandhani tie-dye technique, Ajrakh hand block printing technique, or batik printing, which help uplift the product’s complete look. 

Belt bags

Are you also among those who are influenced by the streetwear trend, then the sling bags will surely elevate your style? These bags are also known as belt bags, bum bags, and fanny packs. If you belong to the Millenial age group and are looking for a bag that can suit the modern streetwear outfit, these belt bags are the ideal choice.

You can use various forms of rotating style statements such as over your chest, back, or front of your waist. 

When to wear the Belt Bags

  • Biking 
  • Hicking
  • Traveling 
  • Running 
  • Event, party or occasions

Sling Bags 

The sling bags are the perfect alternative to the hip packs, crossbody purses, and larger loads. The Sling bags come in various sizes and are mostly chosen by women. Among all the multiple forms of sling bags available in the market, the envelope sling bag is the one that is used as everyday essentials. It is ideal for accommodating all your nightlife and daytime accessories carried by you every day.