6-pointer guide to choosing agencies for guest posting packages

Have you been scouting for guest posting packages online? You are well-acquainted with the credibility of a guest post and its role in the sustainable growth of your business. To outrank the competitors’ business from the range and divert access of the targeted audience towards your website – there’s nothing more acceptable than a guest post. 


But as someone versed in the dynamics of the digital market, the fraudulence of the companies is no secret to you. Whether it is spinning the content or spamming the links – you will not want to participate in the same. So, what critical aspects must you cross-check before choosing an agency? 

We will narrow down the same for you – 


How to choose agencies for guest posting packages? 


As a client who understands the range of dominance that a guest post offers and wishes to apply it to their business, you must check whether the agency you are hiring caters to the following. 


#1. It must have an in-house content-creating team 


The first thing that you must note while choosing an agency for extending the package is – whether they have an in-house content curating team. Post-pandemic freelancing has taken over the global work market. 


But with an in-office team, you will be assured of having a dedicated set of individuals for the job. A team who will research and curate distinct audience-demanded posts, insert links, and proofread the content – thereby catering to you! 


#2. The pricing and the packages must be clear 


To start the talks with something and end it on a higher note – that’s not how guest posting packages work. Choose an agency that has its pricing templates laid out clearly. If not – see if they provide an outline of the same. If not – this is the biggest red flag. That is not an agency you wish to associate with.


#3. What is the process of curating the content? 


As a client, you have placed your demand, and it is the specialist’s job to toe the line accordingly. However, you have every right to be kept in the loop and ask about the progress. If the agency is not transparent, does not share updates, or has no space for client communication and inclusion in the process, you do not want to associate with the same. 


#4. It should provide the link inventory 


Before choosing the agency, check if they provide the link inventory for your evaluation. With the links, you can check in SEMRush or Ahreff details of the sites, the endorsement standards, and how much it caters to your business development. 


#5. Is there a turn-around time? 


Time is money, and you better safeguard it well! Does the agency have a turnaround time? Does it deliver within the stated period? Any reputed digital marketing agency will have a turnaround time. If the policies are not clear – do not proceed further. 


#6. There’s no better guide than the past 


We are talking of testimonials here. There’s no better judge than the clients; hence, before you associate with them as a client, check what others have to say about them. 


When you hit the sixer, it is advised to choose the agency and their guest posting packages. 


What does Mind Mingles offer? 


As you have already noted, the details you require before choosing an agency for their guest posting packages. Therefore – it is time that you check out what we at Mind Mingles promise to deliver to you – 


  • Our set of Content and SEO experts 


We place quality over quantity, always!! Our company has a set of experienced and certified content and SEO creators – who have worked in myriad niches. They comprehend your demands and cater to you by curating the unique. Also, they bring to the table their enriched knowledge of an array of areas that help to correlate and soar your brand image. 


  • Distinct rank-worthy write-up 


When you subscribe to our guest posting packages – we guarantee you a return on investment. After research and analysis, our creators’ curate content that distinctly pushes your brand to the top. With a write-up that ranks – you know you are at the right place. 


  • Affordable package rates 


We are what we show!! We have classified packages within the range of $75 to $350 with a template outlying the details. For further queries and samples, please contact us directly. 


  • Customized packages 


Does our package not fit your budget? We understand. We are ready to discuss. We have customized packages that may cater to your demands. Else, we can connect and discuss and finalize a common price. 


  • Niche guest posting 


When you have a business website, guest posts uploaded on a fashion site will not garner your traffic. We, therefore, offer niche-specific services. 


Our portfolio 


Since its inception – Mind Mingles has delivered a vast amount of bespoke content for a wide range of domains – starting from B2B and B2C to retail, community, real estate, and technical arenas. We look forward to assisting you in reaching the numero uno in your domain!