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8X Online Sports News in Vietnam


The 8X online sports news site is an incredible resource for Vietnamese sports fans. It offers news on all kinds of sports events in Vietnam, as well as betting games and sports predictions. It also features a schedule of Viet Nam boxing matches. This makes it an exciting prospect for sports brands to penetrate the Vietnamese sports media market. Smart brands can leverage this resource to build relationships with super fans and Vietnamese sports media consumers.

You Sport 8X

Sports fans in Vietnam will enjoy the convenience of online ordering and delivery with YouSport. The platform features a variety of sports news and events. Visitors can choose to follow local leagues or view live scores. There are also prediction games.8xbet All of these sports websites are available in Vietnamese. You can also find sports-related information and news at BongDa, which is a popular sports news website.

Vietnam’s sports fans can tune in to 8X to get the latest news about their favorite sports in the country. The website offers news about all the major sporting events as well as betting and prediction games. Fans can also view the schedule of upcoming Viet Nam boxing events. With the growing popularity of sports in Vietnam, there is an exciting future for sports brands. Smart brands can build relationships with the country’s super fans and sports media consumers.

Ha Noi Moi (New Hanoi) Newspaper

The Hanoi Moi (New Hanoi) newspaper is a Vietnamese newspaper published in Hanoi. It features detailed reports on various sports events and news. The newspaper also focuses on the latest news on the city and the region. Despite its name, the newspaper has no affiliation with any sport team. However, its news coverage is unbiased and reliable.

After two years, the Ha Noi Moi

Newspaper Run for Peace is back. This year’s final will be held around the Hoan Kiem Lake. The competition features different categories for amateurs and professional athletes. In the qualification rounds, over 170,000 people participated.

The Hanoi Moi (New Hanoi) newspaper has been published since 2011. It has been considered one of the leading sources for news in Vietnam. Its online news is updated daily and has a wide coverage of local and international sports. The daily features many renowned athletes as well as upcoming teams. It is also home to the largest collection of sports news in Vietnam.

Television news has a rich history in Vietnam. It is one of the country’s first forms of information. It updates the country’s social life, environment, economy, and culture. It reveals the hidden corners of Vietnamese society. In the 1970s, HTV and VTV were pioneers in producing large-scale documentaries and memoirs. Both had a regional presence and cooperated with other media to produce programs that covered these topics.