All about Aluminum Fence Installation


Aluminum fence installation is a simple process that takes only a few hours to complete. If you have questions about how to install an aluminum fence, read on and learn more about the process of installing this type of fencing.

Measure the areas where your aluminum fence will be installed.

Once you’ve determined the area where you’ll be installing your aluminum fence, measure it. Make sure that the fence is level and straight, as well as at least 4 feet away from any structures.

Next, measure the gate opening in your yard so that it will fit over your new fence without having to remove any posts or braces from inside of it. Then mark an outline onto your existing decking using a tape measure for reference before removing them completely so they don’t get damaged by drilling holes through them later on down the road!

If necessary, dig post holes to a depth of 2 feet and a width of 1 foot.

When you’re digging post holes, make sure they are at least 2 feet deep and 1 foot wide. The only exception to this rule is if your fence will be installed on top of a retaining wall or other structure that already has posts installed in it. In that case, you can just use the existing post holes as guides for where to dig your own.

Pour concrete in the holes and allow to dry.

  • Use concrete mix with water, and a shovel to mix the concrete and water together.
  • Let the mixture dry for about two days before installing it on your fence line (you can use a tarpaulin as a barrier if needed).
  • Don’t over-pour; you don’t want your fence looking like an oil spill! If you’re using cement blocks or other materials that require more than 1/4″ of mortar between them, then this step may be omitted entirely in favor of just pouring straight into place without any kind of prepping beforehand — but otherwise it’s best practice to go slow with everything else until everything else has been done first so nothing gets mixed up later on down the line when trying again later on after some time passed since installation was last attempted unsuccessfully due at least once before being successful again thanks largely due mostly thanks somewhat less than half completely

Install post means, if necessary.

If you plan to install post means, use a concrete anchor. You will want to drill a hole in the concrete and insert the anchor into it.

If you need help choosing which kind of post means is best for your fence installation, contact us today!

Secure posts to ground, if necessary.

Secure posts to ground, if necessary. Use concrete anchors or a post driver to secure the posts to the ground. Use a post level and power auger to ensure that all of your posts are level with one another before you begin digging holes for them.

Install post caps.

Once you’ve installed the fence posts, it’s time to install their caps. Post caps can be made of wood, metal or plastic. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what type of post you have installed. Some are decorative items that match your fence style; others are functional in that they cover exposed nails or screws used for fastening them down into the ground (this is especially important if your soil isn’t very good).

Post caps should be painted when possible because stained surfaces tend to look more natural than bare ones do, but this isn’t always possible due to weather conditions like high humidity levels making them harder than usual to work with when painting outdoors without having proper ventilation nearby (which makes sense since we’re talking about aluminum fencing here).


This is the last section of the article, and it’s time to wrap up.

You’ve learned about aluminum fence repair service ,but now you’re ready for a few more tips and tricks:

  • Use an electric fence charger when installing an electric fence. You can get either one in your local hardware store or online at Amazon Prime Wardrobe (a great place for all kinds of low-cost goods). It’s ideal if you want to keep your dogs from getting too close before they’re trained on how much room there really is between themselves and livestock or other animals in their neighborhood! Plus, any time someone puts anything new into their yard—like trees or bushes—it needs power anyway so those things won’t die off because they aren’t properly watered anymore than usual…


If you follow the steps above and make sure that you have a good foundation, then your fence should last for many years to come.