Auto Sliding Gate Kits and the mechanism of its functioning

Sliding gates have become a popular trend nowadays. They consume lesser space as compared to the conventional gating system along with it, they are easy to operate and creates a wider area for entrance, thus making them perfect for industrial use. These gates now come with an automated system that saves time and effort and also ensures more safety. An auto sliding gate is used to prevent any unauthorized entry into the premises and prove to be a valuable safety feature in private and industrial applications.

Key features of Auto Sliding Gate Kits

The Auto sliding gates manufacturing companies manufacture different types of gates. Most of these gating system company come with auto sliding gate kits. these kits have all the necessary tools which help simplifies the installation work.

One can look forward to the following features:

  • Extremely silent operations
  • Highly compact dimensions
  • Built-in anti jerk device
  • Travel control system
  • Obstacle detection system
  • Advance electronic control

The auto sliding kits come with advanced features which ensures that the gate works seamlessly,  it also allows to control the speed of the gate and overcome any initial friction. The gate stops if it detects any obstacle and one can adjust the gate for partial opening. Manual operation is possible in case of a power failure, and these Auto sliding gates are perfect for heavy and intensive service and for heavy-duty applications. These gates are particularly recommended for industrial gates and are well known for easy installation and maintenance as well as consuming low power.

The mechanism behind the Auto Sliding Gate

The purpose behind the installation of an auto sliding gate is to provide maximum security and enjoy seamless operations. Once the gates are closed, no one can enter the premises. There are several types of auto sliding gate kits that are based on the kind and level of protection the building demands. Before you go out looking for different sliding gates with an auto sliding gate kits manufacturer, it is essential to learn about the underlying mechanism that works behind these gates and how they function.

  • The gates carry a high sensitivity obstruction detection system with an automatic reverse.
  • A built-in thermal protector keeps the motor protected in case of the temperature soars during operations.
  • A single button interface on a simple keypad is enough to control the auto sliding gate kits.
  • An adjustable auto-close function and time delay provides full control to the user.
  • Other features include photo beam safety beam interface and electronic soft start & stop.

The best part about these gates is that you can ask the manufacturer or seller tor provide you with additional accessories in the auto sidling kits so that you can make these gates more functional. One such accessory that you can add is a photocell. It helps to detect minutest of obstruction when the gate opens and closes automatically. The idea behind is to keep the people safe from any injury, and the valid detecting range is for about 10 meters, which is a pretty safe distance.

One can get an alarm lamp installed, and the alarm will light and sound in case any person is making a forced entry in the house. Some other accessories include steel rack and nylon rack, an access keypad Connecting with access keypad and an automatic Sliding Metal Gate gear rack.

The objective of choosing auto sliding gate kits is to make customized gates which can match your requirement and at the same time provide enhanced security. A sliding gate can open and close in one or two directions. The mechanisms can be track-mounted, and the tracking system will be set up in the driveway. The auto sliding gate is the best option in those cases where there’s an uneven cantilever.