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Best Gaming Sports News Websites

Whether you’re looking to find out which games cá độ bóng đá are going to be the most popular in the near future, or want to follow the latest news in the world of gaming and sports, you’ll want to make sure you visit the best gaming sports news website.

Game Informer

Among gaming sports news sites, Game Informer is arguably the most well known and well-loved. This website provides game news and reviews for a variety of platforms.

It has a professional feel and is aimed at players, not critics. It includes video game news, game reviews, strategy and tips, and features previews of upcoming games. The website also features a test chamber where the staff play through games they’ve never played before.

The website is updated every day with news, articles, and reviews. The website also has a community forum where gamers can talk about video games and gaming news. The website also features videos and opinion pieces.

ESPN Esports

Until four years ago, ESPN had not been doing esports on the same scale as other media companies. The company’s esports coverage consisted of a few dedicated reporters, a couple of editors and a few contributing freelancers.

The company’s coverage began when it hired two esports reporters. They are Rod “Slasher” Breslau and Emily Rand. Their work helped shape ESPN’s esports department.

The company’s coverage also started to include live coverage of events such as League of Legends international tournaments. In March, ESPN televised a live collegiate esports tournament called “Heroes of the Dorm,” where students played multiplayer Heroes of the Storm. It was the first live televised collegiate esports event.


Earlier this year, Kotaku announced it was going to be purchased by G/O Media, who owns other media properties such as The Onion and Gizmodo. Although the acquisition was a bit of a surprise, it didn’t take long for Kotaku to adjust to its new reality.

G/O Media owns Kotaku and Deadspin, a game and sport site that aspires to be a millennial hot spot. The aforementioned G/O Media x Kotaku merger is one of many recent mergers and acquisitions that have reshaped the gaming industry.

Kotaku has long been known as a news site, particularly in the world of video games. Their esports section provides a great source of competitive information for professional gamers and fans alike.


Whether you’re a fan of the consoles or mobile games, Destructoid is an online hub for all things video game related. From news to reviews to previews to DLC, it’s the one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. For the die hard, it also operates a mobile app. With its free registration and easy to use interface, you won’t find a more convenient way to share your gaming enthusiasm.

The site is also home to several top notch editors and reporters. As a result, it’s one of the best gaming communities in the business. Its community ethos has garnered the site many accolades, including the oh so coveted honor of being named one of the Top 10 gaming websites in the country.


‘theScore’ is one of the top gaming sports cá độ bóng đá news websites and apps in North America. This innovative digital platform delivers scores, stats, and real-time news. This app is available on iOS and Android. It also features chat functions that allow users to communicate with other users.

theScore’s user base has grown to over 1.5 million subscribers. It is one of the largest mobile sports apps in North America. It currently offers coverage for all major competitive video games. Its YouTube channel has over one million subscribers.

theScore is currently listed on the Nasdaq under the SCR ticker. Its market capitalization is $1.3 billion. In November, theScore’s esports YouTube channel surpassed one million subscribers.

World Gaming Network

Founded by a Native woman, Julie McLaughlin, in 1997, World Gaming Network (WGN) is the go-to destination for competitive console gamers. It offers a wide variety of gaming media, including the latest in video gaming technology and gaming news. It also serves as a training ground for newcomers to the industry.

For those that want to participate in a multiplayer game online, there are a host of options. In addition to playing games for fun, you can also join a tournament or play through a series of games. The company also offers valuable discounts on background checks.

For the gamer who prefers the physical realm, World Gaming Network also offers a number of slot machines and video poker machines.

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