Car Transport Services – Checks to Avoid Scams

Car Transport Services – Checks to Avoid Scams

Are you looking for car transport services in Delhi? If you are moving or you have just bought that dream car that you have always wanted or you just need to transport a car for any specific reason, driving is not always a feasible option. So, the next option is going for car transport services to ship your car. Choosing the car transport service can always be a tricky business, automobile transport service has changed a lot over the last few years.

Whether you are shipping by an open trailer or by an enclosed one, you need to avoid some of the possible disasters. So, here we are to check on how to choose a reliable car shipping service. If you go online and search for car transport in Delhi, you will find many of them; you could click on any of the links that pop up on your browser. 

You can book it online or at the contact number provided online. But this is where the problems related to car shipping services begin to show up, the scams, the delays, the overcharges, etc. if you choose any random transport service without doing your homework.

Avoid advance payment: 

The best way to prevent the scams that occur while opting for car transport services is to avoid paying upfront. Some of the service providers will ask you for payment in advance before even locating the carrier that will carry your car. 

Never pay for the service in advance. Always make the payment on delivery after verifying that your car has been delivered in the same condition it was in when it was taken from you. Also, the service providers already have your car as collateral which is far more valuable than the cost of service.

Transportation cost will depend on factors like mileage of the vehicle, vehicle weight, current demand in the market for the service, etc. oversized vehicles will cost extra. You should also make sure with your insurance company on coverage that ensures that you are covered for the car transport. The transport vehicle should also have insurance so that you don’t fall victim to any scams. Make sure that the company provides you with a copy of the carrier’s information, a copy of the insurance policy, and also how to contact their driver. This allows the customers to track their vehicles.

Additional Information

Other important steps to be taken are collecting the necessary documents from the service provider. Along with providing a copy of the documents related to your car. As you are not travelling by your car, a copy of the RC book, car insurance, driving license and the pollution under control certificate should be provided to the service providers.

Never select the car transport service providers that ask you for the original. Scammers could ask for the original documents and cheat customers. Reliable vehicle transport service providers like Logistics Buddy would not ask the customers for the original documents.

Also, collect all the bills at the time of delivery. Though advance payment is not recommended, if you have made advance payments, do collect the bills and also collect the overall bill and then make the final payment.

Before choosing a service provider, check the online comments and ratings given by previous customers. Who have availed of their services, this will give you an idea of the quality of service. Prefer the rating between 3 and 4, as the other ratings that are very high or very low are usually not reliable. So, take a wise decision while choosing any company to transport your car.

How to avail the best logistics service ?

All you need to do is reach out to our staff and fix an appointment to check the details. Our staff will get a basic idea of all the necessary items to be shifted and discuss the charges and other details with you. Also, you have to provide some necessary details to our staff – 

  1. Your location 
  2. The location where your belongings to be shifted 
  3. Specifics of the items like colour, size, etc.
  4. Type of carrier preferred
  5. Receiver details at the time of delivery

Different Safety Features of Professional Logistics Company 

  • Risk Coverage: In expansion, we additionally give our clients an all-out hazard-free spread against their transfer. If there should be an occurrence of cases they are settled inside 21 days.
  • Safety Belt: We have a belt framework in our trucks that fixes the goods at the head of the vehicle. And keeps them intact during transit.
  • Pet Carrier: We ensure safe and prompt relocation of your beloved pet in a well-ventilated carrier.
  • Personal Lock: We offer our customers the capability of using their locks and keys on Trucking Cube (Container).
  • Target (Carpet) Floor: A different concept of carpet used to protect the articles against the jerks. And hard surfaces of the vehicles.
  • Safety Net: We protect your precious goods by emplacing an exclusive belt system in our trucks. To keep your valuables intact during transportation.