Celebrities with herpes

Celebrities That Have Been Affected By Herpes

If you follow celebrity gossip or simply enjoy learning about the lives of celebrities, you might be interested in some of the celebrities that have been affected by herpes. While most people get genital herpes by contracting it through sexual contact, there are other ways to contract the virus, including sharing personal items like razors and towels, which means that you could contract herpes from someone who doesn’t even have an active outbreak. If you want to know more about celebrities who have contracted herpes and how they have chosen to deal with it, read on to find out more about these famous individuals who have herpes.


10 Celebrities That Were Caught with Herpes

Usually associated with sexually transmitted diseases, herpes is a treatable infection that can have dire consequences if not treated. Despite being diagnosed with herpes, celebrities have continued to work and perform. In fact, some were even praised for their efforts! Read on to learn about 10 celebrities that have battled herpes and won. Do you know any other celebrities with herpes? Add them in comments below!


10 Celebrities Who Used Tragedy as a Comeback

Despite some horrible experiences, these stars found a way to bounce back. Unlike other celebrities with herpes that have attempted suicide or been arrested for drug charges, these celebs overcame tragedy in their lives to become better than ever. You’ll be amazed by how strong they are!


10 Misc. Facts About Viral STDs

Viral STDs are contracted through skin-to-skin contact, so condoms aren’t enough to completely protect you from transmission. Though most people associate herpes with cold sores, it is caused by two other viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both of these can cause herpes blisters on various areas of your body, including your mouth and genitalia. There is no cure for herpes—but while it may sound scary, many people don’t have any symptoms.


10 Tips To Prevent Skin Breakouts

Skin outbreaks are never fun, but there are ways to prevent breakouts from occurring. The first step is to strengthen your skin by avoiding harsh soaps and drying products like body washes and facial cleansers. In fact, it’s best to avoid any kind of soap on your face. Choose a non-drying cleanser that’s designed for your specific skin type instead (normal, oily or combination).


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Ever wonder what it would be like to go on vacation with your favorite TV family? We bet you never imagined that it would end in disaster. In honor of Back to School season, we decided to talk about celebrities who were accused of sexually abusing kids. Be sure to check out our list and vote for who you think is number one! Oh no! It’s The Osbornes, not The Simpsons! Well I guess it’s true that every ouji fashion celebrity family has its own problems.


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