Chemistry Analyzer: Accurate Way To Test For Liver and Kidney Function

Wondfo is a China-based company that manufactures and sells diagnostic products around the world. Wondfo provides a wide range of IVD POCT kits and laboratory instruments, like chemistry analyzers, to help analyze the liver, kidney, and more functions.

What is a chemistry analyzer?

A chemistry analyzer is a medical device that uses chemical reactions to measure various substances in a person’s body. The most common use for a chemistry analyzer is to measure blood levels of enzymes and proteins. Enzymes are necessary because they help the body break down food and synthesize new molecules. Proteins are essential for the structure and function of all cells.

What are the functions of a chemistry analyzer?

A chemistry analyzer is a device that tests for various chemicals and substances in a sample. It is commonly used to test for liver and kidney function. The analyzer measures the levels of enzymes, proteins, and other substances in a blood or urine sample.

A clinical chemistry analyzer is a medical device used to perform chemical analyses of bodily fluids. The most common bodily fluid analyzed by clinical chemistry analyzers is blood. Clinical chemistry analyzers can also analyze other bodily fluids, such as urine, saliva, and cerebrospinal fluid.

The main function of a clinical chemistry analyzer is to measure the concentrations of various chemicals in a bodily fluid. These measurements can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. For example, elevated levels of certain liver enzymes may indicate liver damage, while high levels of creatinine may indicate kidney damage.


If you’re looking for an accurate way to your liver and kidney function, the Wondfo chemistry analyzer is a great option. This device is easy to use and provides reliable results, making it a valuable tool for anyone concerned about their liver or kidney health.