What happened to gift cards designed to maximize the recipient’s holiday message of great joy? Nowadays, Christmas gift cards have many disadvantages, limitations and even rip-offs. Between the fine print and the new scam era of holiday thieves, gift cards have gotten downright outrageous.

A Consumer Reports survey ranked gift cards as the second most popular Christmas gift of 2006. However, more than 23 million Americans still didn’t redeem last year’s unused gift cards. Crooks celebrate the season with a new criminal sell gift card in ghana mastermind.

The swindle begins in the aisles of retailers large and small. Thieves capture gift card barcodes. Once the gift cards are purchased, bandits make their way by using the barcode to redeem the value of the gift card before the recipient even receives the gift card. Imagine sending someone a gift certificate just to embarrass them at the checkout.

But for the sake of argument, what happens to gift cards that aren’t stolen by criminals ? Gift cards are issued by some financial institutions and banks; while others are assigned directly by the retailer. However, both have many disadvantages and a number of limitations:

O Some gift cards charge fees for cards that have not been used for more than a year. For example, certain large department stores have been known to charge an additional fee for gift cards that are more than a year old.

O Expires after one year. The renowned Spa Mario Tricoci announces the expiry date of its gift vouchers. Once the card expires, it has no value.

O Require the recipient to use their credit card to redeem the gift. NetFlix uses gift cards as a marketing tool. The online DVD rental giant recommends its customers give away NetFlix. But if the recipient wants to redeem the gift, they need to enter a credit card.

Regardless of what type of gift card consumers are buying this holiday season, The Consumer Journal recommends the following clever Christmas gift card tactics:

  • Buy gift cards in a safe place
  • Once the card is purchased, ask the seller to check the gift card balance
  • Keep all gift cards and gift receipts

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