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Desert Safari Dubai | Pleasant Morning Adventure in Dubai

Expect from A Morning Safari vs. An Evening

Most morning safaris are hot, so many people prefer to go on safaris at night. Contrary to what most people think, desert mornings are pleasant. As the sun rises, its rays get weaker. You can take your time to relax and enjoy the many things the cheapest desert safari Dubai has to offer.

On the other hand, the best desert safari Dubai starts in the late afternoon when the temperature is at its highest. Desert safaris at dawn are a great way to see rare animals like the Arabian Oryx and other types of gazelle that are hard to find. You can only ride in a hot air balloon on a morning safari. Few people will be there so that you can enjoy the desert in its quiet solitude.

After an early morning desert safari Dubai tour, breakfast serves to the tourists. Guests can start their day with various international and local dishes, like the Arabic bread and egg dish Rgaag with egg, the sweet noodles Balaleet, and the Arabic pancake Chbaab (pancakes). People also like the Arabic kind of coffee. You could work out later to burn off the calories you ate at breakfast.


Early Morning Safari is a great Fun

If you don’t want to do the typical afternoon desert safari Dubai but still want to see the sand and try out motorsports in the desert, here are some alternatives: How early would you like to start? It’s unclear whether you’ll return at noon or noon. Are you hungry, thirsty, or in the middle of a meal?

Social distance norms and smaller groups make it easier to ask questions like, “Do children pay less than adults for the same service?” The price varies depending on whether extras like dune buggies, sandboards, etc., are included.


Where to Stay in Dubai That’s Best

One of the Jumeirah Emirates Towers

One of the best hotels in Dubai, especially the desert safari Dubai tour, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, is close to The Dubai Mall, which is very convenient. The hotel’s complimentary shuttle service makes it easy to get to the Dubai Mall and other famous places in Dubai. Along with the 400 rooms and suites, there are 11 restaurants and bars. Each room is big and well-furnished, with a view of the city and a sitting area with couches.


The Burj Al Arab is a tall hotel near Dubai

The Burj Al Arab hotel is on this island, which is lovely & best place to stay for luxury desert safari Dubai tourists. You can see the Arabian Gulf from the big windows in each apartment. These suites have high-tech features like an iPad, a 21-inch iMac, and an HD widescreen TV that you can interact with. There are many ways for guests to relax, such as at the private beach, outdoor pool, or full-service spa.


The Voco Hotel

Suppose you want an alternative to a boutique hotel. In that case, the Voco is a good choice for a desert safari Dubai tour (albeit it is part of a franchise). Compared to other big 5-star hotels in Dubai, this one doesn’t go out of its way to impress its guests. This makes it easier to get between the modern and old parts of the city. The closest subway station is about 5 minutes away on foot.

Because of a mix-up at check-in, the Voco Hotel gave me a free upgrade to a more luxurious suite. The size of the room and the view outside it were both beautiful. The breathtaking view I got to see from the bathtub in my Voco hotel room. The best part, though, was that both the shower and the bathtub in the bathroom had beautiful views of Dubai. The roof’s infinity pool is a great place to relax and enjoy the view. I went there for lunch, and the modern Indian dinner I had was delicious. Delicious food serves to tourists with dry ice and Japanese grills during a fancy lunch.


Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

The Five Palm Jumeirah is one of the best places in Dubai to unwind and relax. This resort has five outdoor pools and a private beach for its guests to enjoy. One of the pools cuts right through the middle of the resort.

There are 470 rooms and suites in the hotel. Each has a coffee maker, a minibar, a large smart TV, and smart devices that let you control the temperature and lighting. From some of the balconies, you can see the Gulf of Mexico. There are three restaurants, two cafes, and three bars.


Final words

While the Dubai desert is still cold in the early morning, there are many things to do. The ride across the sand dunes in a 4×4 is an exciting part of every desert safari Dubai tour. Feel your heart beat faster as the skilled driver makes his way through the constantly changing sand dunes. After your Dubai safari tour, you can do things like sandboarding, riding a quad, driving a dune buggy, or even flying in a hot air balloon to make your trip last longer. Photographers love the warm, golden sand and natural light in the Dubai desert safari.