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Dresslily- 5 fabrics to avoid while buying durable dresses!

Life is short. We don’t have time to try and learn everything. Sometimes you need to learn from the experience of others. If someone has gone through that path and then realised his mistake. Then why should we go through the same path? Is it okay to waste our time for something we could have learned from someone else’s experience? It’s not wise to do everything by ourselves. So, the moral of the story is to learn from your surroundings and the people around you. The same follows when it comes to shopping as well. For example, you check everything before buying a dress. Like the colour, the texture, the design, the material, and most importantly its price. If you like everything about the dress then only you go to buy it. But have you ever thought about the durability of the dress? Have you ever tried to find out about a fabric that lasts long? Or do you buy a dress and wear it and then you get to know if it’s durable or not? If this is how you do it, then you are walking on the wrong path. Wastage of time as well as money! 

You should have learned about the avoidable fabrics well before buying any durable dress! The durability of a dress depends on the fabric. If the quality of the fabric is good then your dress will stay longer. But if the quality of the fabric isn’t good then your luck is bad. Buying and experimenting will go on and on! But what if I say from now on you don’t have to do it? After reading this you will have complete knowledge about avoidable fabrics. The fabrics you need to avoid so that your dress stays longer. But after getting all the information, where will you get durable dresses? So, don’t worry. Dressily offers a wide range of durable dresses that you can buy using Dresslily deals. Let us now discuss the fabrics that you should avoid while buying durable dresses:

  • Polyester:

Fabric is present everywhere. It has become an integral part of our life. Be it our clothes or the sheets on our beds or the car seats, each and everything is made of fabric. Fabric and fabric everywhere! Do you know the types of fabric? So fabric can be categorised into two types. The first type is a natural fabric and the second type is a synthetic fabric. The natural fabric used to rule people’s hearts before. But now it’s an era of synthetic fabric. Synthetic fabrics are manufactured with the help of chemicals and that is why they are preferred more. And polyester is also a synthetic fabric. Due to its several features, most of the clothing materials are made of polyester. And hence polyester is in trend! But when it comes to buying a durable dress for yourself, you should avoid polyester. 


You should not choose polyester as your fabric because they are just uncomfortable. As polyester is hydrophobic it doesn’t absorb water and instead repels it. And hence polyester is termed unbreathable. This makes you uncomfortable. Not just that once polyester gets oil stains it becomes difficult to remove those stains from it. And this makes your task tiring! So, it’s better to avoid polyester when it comes to choosing durable dresses. Dresslily houses a variety of durable dresses made from fabrics other than polyester. Don’t wait for a single minute! Check out the Dresslily website and avail yourself of Dresslily promo codes to save some money and avoid polyester. Hurry up!! 

  • Acrylic: 

Acrylic fabric is also a synthetic fabric. Like polyester, it is also processed with the help of chemicals. If you go by acrylic fabric’s look and touch then it is not going to be a wise decision for you. Choosing a fabric for your durable dress is a wrong decision. Because the look and touch of this fabric are similar to cotton fabric. It’s lightweight as well as soft and warm to the touch. So, never fall for it! 


It’s advisable to avoid dresses made of acrylic fabric. As there are various disadvantages of acrylic fabric. Polyacrylic fabric develops wrinkles on it when used frequently. This fabric starts shrinking with time. Not just that polyacrylic fabric also starts losing its attractiveness after prolonged use. Like polyester removing oil stains from it is also a difficult task. Will you ever choose it now? If not, then you have taken the right step. Dresslily provides you with a golden opportunity to buy durable dresses made of other fabrics. Just head onto the Dresslily website and grab Dresslily discount codes for better prices. Go…grab it!!

  • Spandex: 

Are you a biker? If yes, then avoid wearing a dress made of spandex fabric. Though it’s not advisable to wear a dress, whatever the fabric be, either. Still, you can manage your dress while riding a bike. But if the dress is spandex then the job will become very difficult for you. And the reason is that the dress made of spandex makes the dress smooth as well as slippery. This in turn helps in lowering the friction between your dress and the surface and thus can pose a risk to you during riding a bike. So, it’s better to choose a fabric that will not bring any hurdles while bike riding. Great idea, isn’t it? 

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  • Rayon: 

Do you wash your dresses in the washing machine? Is hand-washing a difficult and tiring job for you? Then I will strictly suggest you avoid buying durable dresses which are made of rayon. Rayon is a fabric that you should avoid. Because if you choose a dress made of rayon then you can’t go for a machine wash. As rayon fabric shrinks quickly and also becomes weak when it is wet. So, rayon cannot withstand machine washing. You can only prefer hand washing for this fabric with extra care. If you want to save time then I would prefer you to choose a dress made of fabric other than rayon. Visit the Dresslily website and shop using Dresslily coupons.

Now as you got an idea of all the avoidable fabrics you can now choose a better durable dress for you. The job has become easy for you. Dresslily is a website where you can get varieties of durable dresses at an affordable rate. There are many Dresslily offers available. You just have to grab them. Go and check out the Dresslily website and do some Dresslily shopping this year