EKG Test
EKG Test

Electrocardiograms or EKG Test

Electrocardiograms or EKG

Suppose there are possibilities that you may be suffering from heart disease. In this case, your doctor may suggest that you should get an electrocardiogram or generally called EKG or ECH. In EKG testing, the electrical activity of your heart is recorded through small electrode patches attached to your chest, arms, and legs. ER of Dallas provides you with the best heart test services available in Dallas. These EKG tests are quick and painless. These tests will help your doctor determine the following things:

  • What is your heart rhythm?
  • Checkout if the blood flow to your heart is poor. This condition is called ischemia.
  • EKG tests in Dallas help to diagnose a heart attack.
  • Additionally, it also helps to check on things that might be abnormal, like thickened heart muscle.
  • Heart test services Dallas also help to identify the electrolyte abnormalities like high potassium value or variation in calcium levels.

What are the things to consider?

  • If you are going to take EKG Test services in Dallas, there are some things you need to take care of:
  • Don’t use oil or greasy skin products on your body on the test day because they can keep the electrodes from making contact with your skin.
  • Avoid full-length pants as the electrodes need to be placed onto your legs.
  • For electrocardiogram test services, ensure you are wearing a shirt that can easily be removed so that electrodes can easily be placed onto your shirt.

The electrocardiogram process:

During heart test services in Dallas like EKG, a technician will place ten electrodes with adhesive pads onto the skin of your arms, legs, and chest. If you are a male, you might remove hair from your chest for a better and more reliable connection. During EKG testing services, you may need to lie flat while the computer records your heart’s electrical impulses. This process is called resting EKG. However, the same test may be applied to monitor your heart while exercising.

The whole process may take 10 minutes, but the actual recording only needs a few seconds. In addition, your doctor will keep track of your EKG patterns so that they can compare them to the tests you may get in the future.

Symptoms you need to look out for:

You need to have our emergency EKG services in Dallas if you are feeling these symptoms:

  • Chest pain.
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, or confusion.
  • Heart palpitation.
  • Rapid pulse.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Weakness, fatigue, or a decline in the ability to exercise.

The American Heart Association doesn’t recommend using EKG test services if the adult has low risk or no symptoms. However, on the other hand, if you have a family history of heart diseases. Your doctor may suggest getting an EKG test even if you have no symptoms. If the signs tend to come and go, then standard ECG testing may not be able to detect this situation. Your health care provider might recommend remote or continuous ECG monitoring. There are two types of electrocardiogram testing services:

Holter Monitor:

In this testing method, a portable EKG machine is placed onto your chest for 1 to 2 days for proper electrical activity monitoring. If these heart test services show any abnormal heart rhythm, you may have palpitations or enough blood flow to your heart muscle. Like the standard EKG, it is painless. A technician will place electrodes from the monitor onto your skin. Once it is taped to your skin, you can go home and perform all the usual activities except taking a shower.

Event Monitor:

This procedure is only recommended when the symptoms tend to come and go. The working of this machine is quite simple. Pressing the button will record and store your heart’s electrical activity for some time. You may also need to wear this equipment for weeks or months. You should get a reading on the monitor each time you notice symptoms. The info is sent to your doctors, and they will analyze it.

ER of Dallas

For affordable EKG testing in Dallas, you can visit ER of Dallas. Our EKG labs have the best equipment in the market. Our heart testing services provide you with the most reliable and fast results. In addition, the electrocardiogram testing is performed by the most experienced and expert technicians so that their wont be any problem.