Electrotherapy for Weight Loss & Obesity-Related Diseases

It is no secret that physical workouts and taking a healthy diet help manage weight. However, it is extremely challenging for some people to lose weight by practising physical workouts. For EMS training, weight loss sessions are the best way to shed extra pounds and increase body flexibility.

Electrotherapy reduces muscle pain and stiffness and improves mobility. However, medical science advancements have made it possible to reduce extra weight with electrotherapy.

Medical practitioners first used EMS for cosmetic muscle toning procedures in 1970. Afterwards, various spas and healthcare centres introduced EMS training weight loss therapy to help people struggling with obesity.


Details of EMS

This procedure is offered in an aesthetically sound environment to ensure patients’ comfort. Before starting the EMS training weight loss session, therapists evaluate the patient’s condition by seeing their medical history, measuring their body mass and height, etc. They must lie comfortably on a spa or massage table so that therapists can place electrodes on their problem areas.


The Procedure of EMS Treatment

EMS kit consists of conductive pads with electrodes and a central unit that produces mild electrical impulses available in various sizes and shapes to fit different body parts such as the buttocks, thighs, or abdomen muscles.

Professional therapists decide which type of pad needs to be used for a particular body part and firmly apply them to start the procedure. Further, a mild electric current passes through the electrodes tightening the muscles to make them well-toned. During this process, muscles get rid of extra fluids through lymphatic drainage stimulation


Actions of EMS on Muscles

The electric current released by EMS causes muscle contraction that needs energy supplied by nearby fat cells. Each impulse also produces toxins removed from the muscles that move to the genitourinary system. It reduces unwanted cellulite in the body. Further, the depth of the muscle stimulation tightens the underlying muscles, improving skin tone.

The weight loss effects of EMS vary with patients. However, after a month of treatment, people generally lose up to 13 pounds. They must follow a healthy dietary and fitness routine and receive EMS therapy.


Electric Therapy for Diabetes Management

In addition to EMS training weight loss benefits, this procedure helps manage diabetes also. A study observed that people who used EMS devices experienced a notable reduction in blood sugar levels. In addition to this, their blood pressure and muscle toning improved tremendously.



Electrotherapy is an excellent method to lose weight without straining the body. In addition, it is increasingly used for pain management, controlling blood sugar levels, and monitoring blood pressure. However, it is always necessary to consult with a medical practitioner to understand one’s health conditions and follow their advice to get the best results from EMS training weight loss therapy.