Fun Activities for Middle School Kids

Fun Activities for Middle School Kids. Hello to all the teachers out there! First of all, congratulations on the responsibility you have taken on your role in shaping the future of the younger generation are commendable. But is everything smooth? Do you find any snags in the process? I’m sure you do, especially when it comes to teenage high school students. Most educators worldwide complain that the most problematic thing in managing adolescent students is maintaining their concentration and interest throughout the class.

Although English is already an interesting subject, many students find it boring after a certain time. In such cases, as educators, you need to modify your teaching process to attract a deeper interest from the students in the class. An easy way to do this is by introducing more activity-based learning. This might make you think about what kind of activities you should introduce for theoretical subjects like English. Let’s end that confusion because here I bring you 20 fun activities in English that you can use in your high school class.

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Fun Activities in English for High School Kids

Poetry With Fragments of Paint

With this activity, you can enhance the creative abilities of your students. This particular game box has all the instructions given on the package. But for your elementary information, know that here you will get tiles with unique color names, and students are supposed to compose poems with these names. But if you feel the poems will be too much pressure for the children. Instead, ask them to develop sentences to fit those words appropriately into paragraphs and literary descriptions.

Figurative Language Challenge

These challenges are meant to teach students about literary devices like metaphors, similes, personifications, etc. You can play group games and challenge each group to use the assigned literary devices in the most innovative way possible. You can also declare rewards; it is a proven technique for initiating more enthusiastic student participation.

Six-Word Memories

Writing six-word memories is a simple but enjoyable exercise. Students are forced to think deeply, which is a fantastic introduction to memories. First, you can put them on display and ask people to include memorable images. Then, when the students get the exercise, you can ask them to create these memories.

Letter Writing

Before you judge my sense of fun activities, know that these are not your usual formal and informal letter-writing exercises. So go outside the box and come up with fun letter-writing ideas, like splitting the letters, for example. They’re perfect for teens amid all the heartbreaks of high school. It’s a very clever way to use adolescent problems for a productive cause. Also, this activity will improve your creative writing skills.

Pop Sonnets

An excellent resource for high school students studying Shakespeare’s sonnets! Sonnets are an excellent literary form to introduce into the classroom. It has 100 songs in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet from popular culture. Create a playlist of your favorites for the classroom!

Find the Word

Yes, the usual game of finding the word but with a twist. An image will not be posted here for students to find the word. Rather, it will play audio and ask students to find the most appropriate word for a given description. This will improve listening comprehension skills and introduce students to new words.

Vocabulary Bingo

This game is excellent for reviewing lessons and helping students with exam preparation, especially for teaching vocabulary phrases. Create a grid with multiple questions for each student. Students mark the appropriate square on the grid while listening to their alternatives after reading items from a related list. The student who marks their entire grid with the most accurate answers wins the round.

Poetry Slam for High School Kids

Let’s put your students in hypercompetitive mode. Why not organize a poetry contest for them? I’m sure all of your teenage kids know how the slam works. Trust me. They will be more than eager to partake. But, of course, make sure things don’t get out of hand. Give them clear instructions on what to do and what not to do during the slam.

Grammar Truth and Dare

Look no further if you need an easy lesson plan to review grammar. This fun game is for teen learners and will help students invest in grammar skills! Students must choose a truth or dare card and answer a statement related to English. This is very easy to perform and much simpler than others.

A Podcast in the Classroom

This is the best way to improve students’ spoken English skills. Host a weekly classroom podcast and assign a group of students full responsibility for a particular week’s schedule. You can also give them particular topics to work on. Then let the students plan the programs and also run them.


This is an addictive game for more advanced teen learners. Use unusual words to help students determine if it is a real words. They will then give others a true or false statement with a silly (but possibly real) sounding word. Teach new vocabulary!


It’s time we played a game of charades! But wait, this time, not with the names of the movies. Instead, we can use the names of dramas, poets, and authors. This is sure to take students deeper into their literature syllabus and beyond. Also, there is a high probability that they will start reading more literary pieces in the middle of this game. And it is optional to mention that reading is a great method to improve English skills.

Capitular Talks

Well, this is more like group discussions. First, you have to suggest a book in the classroom and ask the students to finish reading in a stipulated time. Then, once the time is over, have a discussion session where students discuss their favorite chapters or parts of the book. You can also do this for your least favorite chapters. In addition to the 13 activities mentioned above, there are a few others. I’ve listed them in case you want to try something else:

  1. character speeches
  2. plank race
  3. word race
  4. 20 questions
  5. taboo words
  6. blackboard acronym
  7. dictaglossus

Final Thoughts for the Middle School Kids Activity

Fun classroom activities can be an interesting way to learn and also a great way to break the monotony. So try something from the above list and wait for the results. These are proven activities, and you will not be disappointed.