How a Gate Converted into Auto Sliding gate

Nowadays, where everyone is in search of a safe and better lifestyle, and technology is helping to make such things possible, can’t it be applicable to the indoor security niche?  Yes, Technology has already facilitated the outdoor as well, and it is being done by introducing an automatic movement added to a gate using the Auto sliding gate kits.

Let’s know about one of the new and innovative types of gate accessory called the Auto Sliding Gate Kits. It gives reliable security and easy maneuver. It also helps in saving time from manual operating and the movement of the gate becomes easier and robotic.

How a Gate works automatically?

There are many types of automated kits available in the market which modifies an ordinary gate into an automatically working gate. A gear/channel is attached to the gate along with its track for the conversation. Auto sliding gate kits work on electric impulse produced through the trigger of the button, sensory components, or through the use of the remote. It can also work manually in any power failure condition, this kit also can close itself, if it is forgotten to be closed.

The auto sliding gate kits are widely used in the industrial arena, hotels, universities, and residential premises.

Parts of the Auto Sliding Gate Kit and their functions

The kit is available with all the necessary parts, which are required for its installation and smooth operation and it includes:

1. Sliding gate motor: It is a low voltage consuming motor that requires 24-240v depend on the model of the kit. It is also solar-friendly with built-in oscillation programmed.

2. Gate holder/Gate stopper: It prevents the dislodging of the gate.

3. Guide Roller: It is used to hold the gate upright during its movement. It is made of nylon, which reduces friction.

4. Roller brackets: It helps to tie the guide roller to the gate tightly.

5. Sliding track: It is a grooved track on which gate slides.

6. Sliding wheels: The wheels are designed especially for the smooth motion of the gate. A gate may have  2 or more wheels depending on the size of the gate.

7. Remote control: Some kits also include remote control through which the activity of the gate can be operated.

Beneficiary aspects of the kit

The Auto sliding gate kits have several beneficial features which make life more comfortable and convenient, and these benefits are as follows:

  • The auto sliding gate kit protects the house and industrial area from all types of trespassing.
  • These gate kits can bear more weight than an ordinary gate.
  • It is built with an anti-bump design, which will keep the gate to its track.
  • Proper programming is installed within the motor of the kit which can control the timing and motion of the gate.
  • These kits can be easily installed on any geological conditions (upward or downward slopes and also above the ground or in the underground).
  • The kit is highly durable and can withstand any weather condition.
  • It also runs on an auto-closing mechanism
  • The kit also possesses an alarm system; it will buzz whenever any unusual motion is noticed.
  • The automated gate enhances the aesthetic look of the property.


The auto sliding gate kits are the newer invention of the technology, which has the ability to strengthen the security and impact on the entry of people in an arena. Its installation is getting popular due to facility and enduring service quality. This kind of gate adds a sophisticated look to a premise. It also reduces the need for the security guard to sit at the gate.