How Does Snap Score Work?

How Does Snap Score Work?

When users are interested to know ‘how does snap score work 2022’, they would be glad to know that the Snapchat score calculator works after combining the overall activity of the user on the app and also the number of snaps the user has sent or received on the platform.

The Most Common Question of Users is What’s a Snap Score?

Snap score can be seen on the user’s profile page, under the Bitmoji icon & snap code that represents how much the user is engaged on the Snapchat platform.

Similarly, users can see their friend’s snap score on their profile under the Bitmoji avatar as it cannot be hidden and visible to all.

When the user has higher snap streaks, they tend to also have higher snap scores among friends and other users.

Users can also share streaks with more friends, which would help them to earn more extra points and can increase their snap score.

This is what’s a snap score.

When Does the Snap Score Go Up?

Method 1: Users will earn points every time users receive or send a message.

Method 2: When users receive a reaction to their story, they can also earn points for this.

Method 3: Regular Active

Regularly send snaps and streaks, after clicking snaps from the camera not uploading the gallery images and sharing them.

Users must be aware that if users missed sending snap streaks for more than 24 hours, they will lose streak points.

Method 4: Making more friends

When users share their snap code with more people and they add more friends to their profile. Users should be socially active on the Snapchat platform and that also includes interacting with more users and making new friends.

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Method 5: Man Vlogging

Users would have been aware that Man Vlogging can be used as a creative and interesting way to earn more snap score.

Man vlogging means users and their friends constantly share short videos, snaps with each other on a constant basis, and more times a day. Buy Phentermine

Method 6: Accepting snaps and streaks

Users should always respond to snaps received by them and users will also earn points for receiving snaps.

Method 7: Snapchat Games

Another interesting way to earn more snap scores is to play or participate in Snapchat games.

Some of these are selfie games that users can play with their friends and increase their snap score up to 12 points.

Along with this, if you want to know how to increase snapchat score then you can read our article which will help you by telling you some of the best ways to increase a snap score.