How to be a great writer Do you want to be a great writer like megNutt?

When it comes to writing and publishing, the internet has opened the door to nearly anyone with an idea, the drive to make it happen, and the dedication to see it through. Many people turn to writing because they have a message or an opinion that they want to share with the world, or because they have passion for a particular topic that they think will interest others enough to read what they have to say. If you’re part of this crowd, and if you’re ready to up your writing game, then follow these tips on how to be a great writer like megNutt02!


Read lots of books

The best way to be a better writer is by reading books. Lots of them. I read thousands of pages each week and my writing has vastly improved because of it. When you’re learning how to write better, your options are either paying for books or reading online articles (like these!). As an online entrepreneur, paying for lots of books isn’t always easy—that’s why I recommend getting an Amazon Prime membership if possible.


Be inspired by what others are doing

Megnutt02 reads about many different authors and learns from them. They always feel inspired by what others are doing. She does not compete with other authors. Instead she enjoys her craft and works hard everyday to provide an entertaining story for everyone who reads her work.

Read other writing:

Megnutt02 likes to read all types of fiction books written by other writers. She is constantly reading new stories that inspire her to do better.

Get feedback on your work:

Megnutt02 knows that she cannot improve as a writer without getting feedback on her own stories. She writes in public forums where people can give their honest opinions on what they think of her writing. This helps Megnutt02 know how to improve over time. Write every day: Megnutt02 writes every day no matter how busy or tired she is feeling.


Consider writing in another language

Consider how many people around the world are bilingual or multilingual. This means they have some knowledge of two or more languages. Write your next piece in a different language and share it with friends, colleagues and family. After all, isn’t learning new languages part of what makes us great writers?


Write every day

Writing daily is an excellent way to cultivate your abilities and improve your skill. For many writers, writing every day is their standard practice; for others, it’s what they aim for but don’t always reach. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on about great writing, it’s that it takes work—lots of work. Whether you write one sentence or five pages a day, being disciplined and consistent will ultimately lead to progress.


Have empathy for your readers

In your writing (and in life), remember that not everyone is just like you. So when writing for your audience, do everything possible to put yourself in their shoes. That way, you can present them with information in a way that makes sense and doesn’t come off as too confusing or too boring. It’s about being able to empathize with people—and once you figure out how to do that, it will help make you into an even better writer.