How To Choose A Coffee Roaster: The Ultimate Guide

Buying a coffee roaster is a good idea if you are an ardent coffee lover and want to sit in freshly brewed coffee every day. This can be an ideal gift for coffee lovers as well. There are a plethora of options available in the market. However, when choosing the best one or being a first-time coffee roaster buyer, you must consider certain points. Investing in a coffee roaster requires a bit of research and understanding of what impact the flavour of the coffee when you roast it.

This detailed article will walk you through some important aspects of buying a coffee roaster; read on to know more in detail!

Don’t Be A Novice – Follow These Tips For Buying Coffee Roasters Like A Pro!

  1. Use and purpose

You need to consider the application and purpose of buying a coffee roaster. It is differentiated into the following segment:

Home Roasters – if you are looking for a coffee roaster for yourself and your family, then a home roster is a good option. People usually buy home roasters to check out new coffee profiles.

Getting Started with Roasting – if you are starting with the coffee roasting process and want to sell coffee in the future, you should consider investing in a drum roaster.

Purchase Green Coffee – you can invest in a hot air roaster if you want to compare the flavors of different coffee. Usually, people use hot air roasters to compare small quantities of the same coffee. People usually use this for the quality check of the coffee.

Development of Roasting Profiles you want to roast large volumes of coffee, and I am looking for a small roster that can help you develop a profile of the roasted coffee. Then, you can invest in a hot air roaster.

  1. Capacity of the Roaster

An important parameter you should check is the capacity of the roster. As per the thumb rule, the roster ideally works with a load of 80% of its capacity. For example, if you have invested in a coffee roaster with a capacity of 300 gms, it is recommended to roast a maximum of 250 g in it. Similarly, you can be loaded with 800 g of coffee beans for one KG roaster. You can check the specifications of the coffee roaster before buying it.

In addition, you must check that the coffee roasters should not such that your coffee gets old. If you use a coffee roaster for home use, then 250 g is enough for your purpose. For example, if you drink five copies daily, you need the store for 250 g roast every week.

  1. Power Source

The next factor you should consider is the power supply. You can choose a gas-powered coffee roaster or an electric-powered coffee roaster. Most people prefer an electric power coffee roaster because it is safer and easy to handle. Although it doesn’t create much difference in the roasting result when it comes to temperature H adjustment, you have to adjust the temperature of the electric roster about 15 to 13 seconds earlier.

  1. Degree of the Precision

The degree of precision is also important when roasting a coffee. You would want to repeat the same temperature cycle so that the profit is the best. Hence it is important to control the roast and repeat it every time precisely. In such cases, you can choose a less complicated coffee roaster wherein you have the flexibility of calibrating the time and heat supply.

  1. Safety

The most significant part of buying any electrical product is the safety of the equipment. The roster me heat up to 200°C. This high temperature can lead to mishaps if exposed to an unsafe environment. Hence you must choose a roster that has been quality certified. You should not invest in it if it does not meet the safety standards.


These are some of the key parameters you can add to your checklist of purchase of coffee roasters. There are several brands available in the market. Each of the coffee roasters offered by the different brands is priced differently. Hence, you must filter out the best one and then make a purchase decision.


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