How to clean and service Air Conditioners?

If you have an air conditioning unit installed in your home or office, you need to ensure its proper service and cleaning to avail the continuous flow of cold air in spite of the rising heat temperature on the outside. Here is some advice on how to carry out an air conditioning service.

Switch off the power

The cleaning or servicing of the air conditioner begins with cleaning the condenser coils. Before you begin with it, take precaution to switch off the power of the air conditioner. Turn off all the power points it is connected to as cleaning with power on may result in you being electrocuted.

Begin with the condenser coils

Air conditioning service begins with the outdoor component. It is important to remove the outer part or case of the air conditioner to get o the conditioning coils. Brush off the dust and the dirt on the coils. Apply a cleaning agent and then rinsing with water, clean off the remaining dirt on the coils. It is the first and an essential part of air conditioning repair. Thoroughly check the fins of the coil and if they appear damaged they can be straightened with the help of fin comb available in-home stores.

Move on to the filters

Once the condenser coils are cleaned, the next step is to move on to cleaning the filters. Filters protect the air conditioning against airborne particles like dust and bacteria. With so much dust around, the air conditioning unit is bound to absorb it all, when it is functional. This implies that they get dirty very quickly and this clogging is harmful to its efficiency and air flow.  They need to be focused on more regularly as they are more prone to absorbing dirt than other parts of the unit. Filters are also the easiest to clean. Remove the filters and thoroughly wash them under running water or after bashing them against a wall to remove the thick layer of dirt use a vacuum to remove the finer dust particles.

Wind up with the indoor unit

With the condenser coil cleaned, the filters ready to be placed back, comes the last segment of air conditioner servicing i.e. the fan coil of the indoor unit.  The fan blows the cool air out of the unit and into the room where the air conditioning unit is placed. In order to service the fan coils just spray it with a cleansing agent and leave it for a while to dry. After some time wash the fan coils with warm or lukewarm water.

Once going through these steps, the servicing of your air conditioner is complete. Place all the parts back and cover the air conditioner.

Ways to maintain air conditioners

  • Do remember to spray anti-bacterial solution on all the cleaned parts of the air conditioning unit.
  • Ensure that you clean the drop channels of the unit.
  • Always make it a point to thoroughly wipe down the exteriors once a week.

How often should the air conditioner be serviced?

The air conditioner needs to be serviced seasonally. With approaching summers, the need to service the air conditioner becomes mandatory. Seek the services of a professional air conditioner service agency or an air conditioner mechanic who is also equally proficient to perform the task.  You can clean up the filters of your air conditioner once every week so that they do not absorb dust and dirt from the environment.

Where would you find air conditioner servicers?

Air conditioner servicers can be easily inquired about from friends or relatives if you do not want to go in for the service, offered by the dealer of the AC brand, you have purchased. You can also search for them from various on-line sites or telephone directory.