The do’s and don’ts of any city can make you understand its culture and the mentality of the locals. There is a bit of a challenge to decide what and how to dress up in any city, as there are a lot of factors that impact the decision for what you are going to put in your suitcase. After researching the culture, weather and people, you should decide what to wear. We all know about the city Dubai and its versatility, dressing in this city can be a bit challenging for you.

People around the different areas have different codes of dresses, and you can follow them to fully immerse yourself in the culture of luxury. People living in the luxury areas and villas, like the Gulf villas and Central Park City Walk Dubai, dress more formally than people living in Deira or Al Fahidi.

Here are some tips you should follow while thinking to dress up in Dubai


The city is a whole desert, and it is really hard for the people from the colder areas of the country to bear the temperature. The temperature in the summer can go up to 50 degrees, and in winter it can dip down to 20 degrees. One can not get used to it very easily; it does not matter if it is your first time or 10th, bearing this much heat is a real struggle.

Dubai gives you freedom of dressing up, and you can wear whatever you want, but you need to give regards to the culture if you wish to enjoy the true Dubai experience. While you have the freedom to dress however you want, you would still need to consider the weather and the area’s religious values.


There is ultimate freedom on the beach, as you can wear bikinis and swimming dresses there. The beaches of Dubai are beautiful, and you can enjoy it however you want.

If you are at a beach, you can wear bikinis, swimming trunks or anything that you feel comfortable in. Dubai offers a blend of cultures, which is why it is ideal for everyone. 


The nightlife in Dubai is adventurous and vibrant where it seems like you can do anything you want while enjoying the night in this city. You may even forget that you are in Dubai. Mini-skirts, high heels, and modern fashion are witnessed after the sunset when young and beautiful take over the roads. It seems that the dress code rules and the tradition don’t even apply at night.


The art of dressing comes in handy when you are dressing for a desert. The weather is really strange over there; In summers it is really warm, and in winters it is really cold almost close to freezing.

If you are planning for dinner in the desert or a night camping. You should take a blanket and proper clothing with you. It depends on what is your plan, but keep proper footwear, as it is really hard to walk in the desert.


The vision can be deceiving from the window, as it may look clear sky with bright sunshine and outside it still might be 10 degrees. It might sound crazy to you wearing a jacket or a scarf in the desert but for some people, it is really important. You will see plenty of people soaking in the sunshine, so it depends on how cold you are feeling.

The winter in Dubai is a bit unexpected so you must put your jacket and scarfs in the backpack.

How to dress up is a real struggle for some people. You must know what you are going to wear before going to any place as a visitor or a tourist. In Dubai, you must know their traditions and some highly traditional places. You should be dressing according to the codes there, as there is not that freedom of wearing anything on the streets. People in some privileged areas, like Central Park City Walk and Emaar Beachfront, tend to wear branded clothingl, and just like this, there are different codes for dressing that you must be aware of.

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