How to find a suitable time to paint

How to find a suitable time to paint

How to find a suitable time to paint. Few of us are full-time artists. Many of us have another job, attend university or high school. Or again, many are parents, or maybe they have other passions, such as running, football, and chess. Thus, the week runs the risk of being very busy, and finding the time to paint becomes extremely difficult.

What is the solution? Declaring defeat and hanging up the paintbrush, throwing oil paints or acrylics in a dusty drawer, and using the studio easel to display old photographs?

Finding time to paint even when you’re busy is possible

Indeed, there are many small ways to carve out time for art and creativity: the important thing is to find the right and most suitable ones for you.

And this is precisely what we will do here and today: we will reveal to you how to continue painting week after week, always finding some time for art, even during the most “messed up” weeks. First of all, we will give you some general advice, and then we will go more specifically, with targeted advice on how to find the time to paint.

Be ready to paint: never without ideas or inspiration

How to find a suitable time to paint

Maybe you haven’t had time to paint for a few days. Over time at work, aperitifs in the city center, the Latin exam, the children’s soccer training, dinner with relatives. And now, finally, you have two hours to dedicate yourself to painting finally. What if, despite the desire to paint, you don’t have an idea to workaround? It would be a real shame!

To avoid such an eventuality, a self-respecting painter should always carry a drawing pad for sketches and notes, small or large. To take note of the ideas or inspirations of the moment, possibly accompanying everything with a sketch in pencil. It allows us never to forget an idea. Still, also, it must be said, never to lose contact with art, allowing us to make a sketch or a quick study of a subject in the dead time: during a journey by train, during the lunch break, while waiting for the children’s training to finish and to draw landscape drawing.

Inspirations can come at any time, and not always true, and you can have your drawing pad with you. In case, dedicate a text file inside your smartphone to the list of ideas that come to you during the week, to never run out!

Don’t waste time – a painting studio that’s ready for work

It is not enough to find time to paint. What is the point of freeing up two hours of your day to devote yourself to art? If than half the time is spent organizing the space to work with brushes, paints, canvases, and the other half for tidying up? We have already dedicated an article to managing the area for painting at home, and for this, we will be brief. Those lucky enough to have a room or a corner available to dedicate permanently to paint will have to undertake to keep this space perfectly tidy, with all the necessary furnishing elements to paint without stress.

Not just a study easel, but also a side table, shelves for colors and auxiliaries, a high stool, and so on. On the other hand, those who cannot have a space to dedicate to art in a stable form will have to commit a little more to be sure not to waste a lot of time organizing their flying studio. Therefore, it is reasonable to always have protections at hand so as not to dirty – such as a waxed tablecloth for the table – as well as everything you need to quickly baste your painting studio, starting from the table easel up to the boxes containing colors, brushes and so on.

Have all the painting accessories

It seems trivial, but it is not at all, and long-time painters – incredibly the most distracted by nature – know this very well. How many times have you found yourself wanting to paint but without having everything you need? Maybe you’ve run out of magenta, perhaps the one you used last time was the last of the canvases you bought, or perhaps the shiny gel jar for your acrylics, however neatly stacked in its place, turns out to be dramatically empty at the time of need.

Here then, to be sure of being able to paint in the flashes of time you decide to dedicate to art, you need to be sure that you have all the accessories for painting. To waste time, it is good to carefully clean brushes and materials at the end of each session to find everything perfectly usable at the next appointment!

4 practical tricks to find time to paint

After explaining that to find more time to paint, you must be “ready,” and therefore, you must have already prepared your mind, your laboratory, and your tools for any eventuality. So here are four more practical tips.

During each day, we waste a lot of time, very often in an unconscious way. It is not to say that you have to deprive yourself of every moment of relaxation or idleness (idleness is essential for creativity!), But if you want to find at least an hour a day to be able to work on your drawings or paintings, read the tips below.

Rearrange your day

Is your typical day optimally organized? Are your breaks used in the right way? In the evening, after dinner, do you engage in activities that make you happy? Is the way you use to get to your office every day the fastest, or is there another equally sustainable way that could save you a few precious minutes? For example, a reorganization of your day could lead you to find certain quarters of an hour. And a quarter of an hour for each working day turns into an abundant free hour each week!