How To Find The Best Ruby jewellery?

If you want to buy precious stones, some of the most common ones are ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Among these three, many consider ruby jewellery to their favorite. Ruby is a precious stone and ruby jewellery looks great on any occasion. The cut and the color decide whether the ruby stones will look more lustrous.

The ruby jewellery is a vibrant red-colored precious stone which is faceted from a mineral called corundum. Its red color is what makes it so unique and can be used in a variety of jewellery. The cut, color and style of ruby jewellery is important to look for when you go for purchasing ruby for jewellery setting or for buying loose ruby stone.

Few Things To Know Before Purchasing A Piece Of Ruby jewellery:

Ruby jewellery
Ruby jewellery

As you can understand, buying ruby jewellery is not an easy task. There is much consideration that needs to be taken to figure out from where you will buy it. You do not want to buy it from an uncertified company as they may sell you fake stones. Since ruby is one of the hardest stones after diamond, it is a decent buy because you get certification and durability altogether.

  • Find All The Certified jewellery Stores Near You

Make a shortlist of all the certified companies that sell ruby jewellery near you. If you know other people who have purchased from a particular company and are satisfied with it, you should note those companies. This will give you a starting point. For instance, the 125 West Ruby is one of the finest varieties that you get and if you get proper certification for this, then you can easily buy.

  • Fix Your Budget

Next, you should make a budget. This is very important as there is a Ruby stone of different qualities as well as size. It is given that the rarer the Ruby is, the costlier it will be. You will quickly get the information from the websites of different jewellery stores.

The things that affect the cost of the ruby jewellery are its color, clarity cut, and carat. So you will find that different kinds of rubies will have different prices.

  • Make Sure To Ask If The Ruby Has Gone Through Any Enhancement Process. 

If you are buying from a certified place, they will have to disclose all kinds of treatments that the rubies have gone through to the consumers as we all know that maintaining the color of the Ruby is crucial, and it determines its price. You need to know whether you are buying a natural ruby or a synthetic ruby and the cultured verities have their own color, dimension and overall glitter, so you can make your preferences accordingly. Therefore, if you want a Ruby free from any treatments, make sure you ask them if any such procedure has been conducted on the Ruby of your choice.

  • Check The Authenticity Certificate

If you are purchasing naturally mined ruby jewellery, then the seller must provide an authenticity certificate. All-natural stones will have sought certification as they are rare and costly.


Thus, you can see that it takes quite a bit of knowledge on your part to purchase a piece of ruby jewellery. Even if you are unsure, do not worry as detailed information will be given on most company websites. Just make sure to check the authenticity certificate. Do not worry if heat, dye, or wax has been used to enhance the clarity of the Ruby as it will not affect its price as long as they are disclosing all procedures to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the end of the day; you will be making quite a significant investment.