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How to Find the Best Sports News Sites in Thailand

In Thailand, there are many websites and publications that offer sports news. Some examples include Sudsapda, 8Xbet, and Dara Daily Newspaper. You can also find local sports news through social media outlets. But, what should you look for in these sites? Here are some tips to find the best sports news sites in Thailand.

Sudsapda sports news

Sudsapda is a leading sports news website in Thailand. It features articles and videos in both English and Thai. It also has a dedicated Facebook page and a weekly newsletter. The site is easy to navigate and has high-quality images. In addition, Sudsapda covers business news and culture.

8Xbet sports news

8Xbet offers breaking sports news, exclusive articles, live streaming events, discussion boards, and video highlights for all major sports leagues. The site is user friendly and features fresh articles every day. It also includes a Twitter feed and a discussion board, so you can interact with fellow sports fans. You can also subscribe to weekly newsletters and participate in the lively community forums.

Dara Daily Newspaper

If you are looking for comprehensive sports coverage in Thailand, the Dara Daily Newspaper is a great choice. The website features high-quality images and videos, expert analysis, and regular updates. Its editors and journalists cover every sport under the sun. If you want to receive sports news in your email inbox, you can subscribe to their email service.

Thai Post Newspaper

If you’re looking for sports news in Thailand, there are a number of good websites and publications that cover the topic. Popular websites include Fun888TV and Sudsapda, which offer articles in both English and Thai. They are mobile-friendly and feature videos of local sports events as well as expert analysis and commentary. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and get updates on the latest stories via email.

Phuket News

There are a number of websites and publications in Thailand that specialize in local and international sports news. The best of these websites have professional editorial teams and are well-supported by video and audio clips of major sporting events. These sites are also mobile-friendly and offer in-depth, unbiased commentary. You can read the latest news and articles on the site in both English and Thai, and subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on the latest breaking news. Some of these websites even have an Android app, which can be used to follow live events.

Siam News

In Thailand, there are many sites offering sports news, including Sudsapda, a popular local site. The site features articles in both English and Thai and is supported by a professional editorial team. Their articles are informative and unbiased and include links to international sports events. The site also features a weekly newsletter and a sports blog. It also has sections devoted to business and culture.

Daily News

If you are looking for the latest and greatest in Thailand sports, you’ll want to visit one of the many sports news sites in the country. These websites feature articles and videos in Thai and English and are backed by an editorial staff that doesn’t hold back on their opinions. They offer expert analysis and video clips as well as links to international sporting events. You can also subscribe to their newsletter or follow their Facebook page to get the latest updates on sports.


If you’re a 8Xbet sports fan in Thailand, there are many sports news websites you can visit. Some focus on major sporting events and offer live-streaming links, while others are more localized and focus on local teams and players. Sudsapda, for example, features articles on all major Thai leagues. It also has a robust video archive, a forum, and an email newsletter.

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