How To Know Your Life Partner From The Birth Chart?

Every marriageable girl has fantasies about her life partner that her husband should be handsome, vigorous, attractive personality, educated, have good qualities etc-etc. Parents also have a similar dream towards their daughters that their daughter should be happy, she should get a good groom, and her family should be good.

Every person is interested in meeting his life partner and various remedies have been explained in astrology. Astrology is the study of the influence of planets, stars, companions, and other celestial bodies on human life. This is a perfect way to predict the various possibilities of your life. Whether it is married life or career or any problem in life, astrology has a solution for every problem. Especially the compatibility of a life partner and true love can be easily ascertained using the Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth method.

His future life partner is considered from the seventh house of the horoscope. Navamansh Kundli should also be seen. The seventh house, seventh lord, visions falling in the seventh house, the conjunction of other planets in the seventh house, with which planets the seventh lord is, is the seventh lord retrograde or set, debilitated or exalted, etc. A glimpse of the future spouse can already be found in the magazine.

What Would The Life Partner Look Like?

It has been told in astrology that the seventh house of the horoscope is the place of the life partner. You see which planet is sitting in the seventh house in your birth chart. You can know from these planets how your life partner will look in countenance. With this, you can also know the character of the life partner.

Color Will Be Your Life Partner

According to the rules of astrology, if the sun is sitting in the seventh or first house in the horoscope, then the color of the life partner is wheat. There is a strong probability that the life partner of the person is of normal stature and his speech is serious. They are angry in their face and annoyed in their behavior.

A Fair And Beautiful Wife Meets

The man in whose Kundali the Moon is in the seventh house gets a fair and beautiful wife. In the same way, girls also get a husband of gaur varna. The eyes of the life partner are big and there is mildness and coolness in behavior. Imagination and beautiful interest also reside in them. Their spouse has more complaints of chill and cold.

Their Life Partner Is Very Grumpy

In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered a grumpy planet. Those who have Mars in the seventh house in their horoscope, they feel Manglik Dosha. Along with this, their life partner is also of grumpy and horrible nature. If Mars is auspicious, then the life partner is curvy and attractive, while if Mars is unfavorable, the life partner can be thin and irritable. They will lack courage and enthusiasm.

Their Life Partner Is A Romantic

Mercury sitting in the seventh house of the Kundali indicates that the person’s life partner will be intelligent and graceful. The spouse of such a person is very romantic and adept in the art of communication. But if Mercury is not favorable in the horoscope, then the life partner is less educated and of normal complexion.

Spouse’s Body Is Muscular

For those who have Jupiter in the seventh house in their horoscope, their life partner is fair in complexion but there is a yellow aura on the face. Their voice is impressive and their body is muscular. They have faith in religious work.

Their Life Partner Is Fond

If Venus is sitting in the seventh house in your birth chart, then understand that your life partner will be beloved and romantic. They will be attracted to figuration and interested in art. They are beauty lovers and live life with equipment and comforts.

Older Spouse

In the Janam Kundli of a person, Saturn is placed in the seventh house. His life partner is older. Even if he is younger, he still looks older. Their dark nature is irritable by the appearance of their life partner. If Saturn is situated in Libra or Capricorn then the life partner can be attractive in appearance.


As soon as they access the age of marriage, boys start dreaming of a beautiful wife. Exactly the same is the position of girls. She also starts daydreaming of a boy who looks like a prince. Sometimes it also comes to mind how would be their life partner, I wish I could know this. If you also think the same, then with the help of Online Jyotish consultation, your wish can be fulfilled. There is a simple astrological way by which you can know how your life partner will be.