How to play Alpha Guns on PC

Alpha Guns – Metal Soldiers Lock ‘n Load! Get your guns geared up for the last movement recreation & be a Metal all-about soldier supply.

Use various weapons and powers to combat your manner through a a couple of enemies and located an give up to the evil army chief’s evil plans!! Amazing powers and clean gameplay will make you play this game for hours.

What is Alpha Guns 2 all about?

Alpha Guns 2 comes a number of the top platform taking pictures video games, wherein you are a metallic soldier named Max who has to keep the Earth from extinction! And how will you do this? By using device weapons, enemy chaser, wide guns, and so much extra!


  • 5 specific characters to pick out.
  • Lots of bosses and tanks to fight.
  • Smooth controls
  • Amazing snap shots, cool music and sound.


– constant track/sound no longer stopping on restarting game
– constant remaining boss strolling assault hassle
– capability to rotate tool to play in panorama left or proper view
– health of sun boss introduced

Alpha Guns 2 MOD APK Download: Our Hero Max is returned, the lengthy-awaited sequel of Alpha weapons is right right here with a lot greater exciting degrees inclusive of diverse forms of enemies and strong bosses. Be cautious although, the enemies and executives have have been given a few serious new system.

Mod Info?

Receive a massive quantity of overseas cash for every day rewards at the primary day.

  • Install Steps:
  • Download
  • Install

Alpha Guns 2 MOD APK Download

In this metal taking pictures game, the enemies and bosses are all around and also you’re an alpha soldier who has to shield anyone from this most important mayhem!

Game Features :

+ Classic arcade gameplay
+ Challenging degrees & addictive recreation-play.
+ Lots of bosses and tanks to fight.
+ Easy to apply smooth manipulate scheme.
+ Amazing pictures, cool song and sound.

You will address brilliant armed enemies on this steel shooting undertaking, so shoot them down in advance than they come close to you at the side of your heavy gadget weapons, big guns, and masses extra! Remember one element alpha soldier, select up weapons for your manner to get extra ammo!

This steel shooter game has an movement-packed global battle gameplay, which is simple to research but tough to comprehend!

Try to compete with different gamers on the leaderboard and with achievements to expose absolutely everyone who’s the incredible.

Be a hero and keep the sector in Alpha Guns 2 wherein you could leap and shoot all of the severa enemies like tanks, drones, powerful bosses, sentries and plenty greater. They have many guns which they may use together with shotguns, grenades, rocket launchers, laser guns, and other risky weapons.

Get equipped to stand an navy of foes that are armed to the enamel, you can additionally improve your guns and your equipment to get even stronger to dominate your enemies.

Use unique powers consisting of an airstrike, heavy device gun drone, mild gadget gun drone and syringes which make you immortal for the duration. Switch your guns and produce multiple effective weapons like a Chaser gun, Phoenix gadget gun, Nuclear blaster, Weapon X and more to hold the combat as a mini defense force !

With authentic missions to discover and plenty of achievements to complete you’ll commonly have a modern assignment searching forward to you. The recreation may be very smooth to play and is really FREE! It can also be performed offline even as necessary.

While being a mini armed forces we can provide precise guide in the warfare! With extraordinary music and sound consequences, the game will in reality be a number of amusing to play.