How to predict your life with your date of birth?

A person’s birthdate contains a wealth of information about his or her identity, traits, and personality. This knowledge is the secret to all the solutions you will ever require in birth date astrology. Based on the positions of the stars and planets at the time of the person’s birth, Jyotishis (astrologers) utilize the birth date to determine the Naam-Karan (selection of a suitable name). When the place, time, and date of birth are added together, we get the person’s Kundli (Natal Chart). 

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Astrology is a discipline that links the motions of celestial bodies including the sun, moon, stars, and planets to the happenings on Earth. In order to grasp the dasha forecasts, sade sati details, nakshatra phal, the influence of planets, and combined varshphal supplied by the Kundli, as well as the locations of the stars and celestial bodies, are necessary. All of these forecasts are based on astrology for your birthdate.

Date of birth Predictions in astrology is based on a number of variables. Here are some forecasts that provide a comprehensive view of a person’s life:

Dasha Prediction: The heavenly bodies carry time-duration or “Dasha periods,” and you are affected by them because of their locations and their time periods, as well as by the effects they have on your life and the path they are destined to take you. Based on astrology for birth dates, Dasha makes predictions.

Sade Sati Details: The “seven and a half year” period, which occurs three times in a person’s lifetime, is known as the Sade Sati of Shani (Saturn Planet). Based on the birth information provided, an enumerative study of the effects of this “sade sati,” its neutral and constant phases, as well as age-old Vedic cures to reverse its adverse effects, are provided. In this sense, birth date astrology incorporates these elements.

Nakshatra Phal: This report acknowledges interesting facts about you, your nature, behavior, characteristics, and personality, the positive and negative aspects, your strengths and weaknesses, and a tonne of other helpful and interesting personal information that assists you in making the best decisions in life and leading a more successful and prosperous life. birth date astrology in some way.

Influence of Planets: Concerns about the planets’ positions and influences in your horoscope, as well as their favorable and unfavorable, good and bad, and positive and negative effects on different aspects of your life. This section of birth date astrology provides future forecasts as well as a detailed explanation of the direction that the stars that will inspire you. How they will influence your life decisions and be affected by them.

Varshphal: One of the various applications of Vedic astrology based on birthdates used to comprehend the occurrence of future events is the varshphal, also known as the Vedic yearly astrology or the annual horoscope. Although it is done throughout, northern India enjoys greater popularity. It is designed to function for a year when the sun moves back to the same sign and degree as its natural location. The cast for the individual’s period of birth is known as the natal horoscope or Kundli in our culture. However, the varshphal is solar-based, meaning that the location of the sun is what matters most.

Not just Vedic Astrology, but also Western Astrology, which is based on birth date astrology, is increasingly popular today. This branch is based on the Sun Sign of the individual.

Western astrology establishes 12 classes of Zodiac signs based on birthdate, with each class representing a distinct period of time in the annual calendar.

  1. You are an Aries if your birthday falls between March 21 and April 20.
  2. If your birthday is between April 21 and May 21, you are a member of the Taurus zodiac.
  3. If your birthday falls between May 22 and June 21, Gemini is the sign you were born under.
  4. The Zodiac Sign of Cancer belongs to those who were born between June 22 and July 22.
  5. You are a Leo if your birthday falls on any day between July 23 and August 21.
  6. You are a Virgo if your birthday falls between August 22 and September 23.
  7. You are a libra if your date of birth falls on any day between September 24 and October 23.
  8. If your birthday falls between October 24 and November 22, you are
  9. If your birthday falls between November 23 and December 22, you are a Sagittarius.
  10. You are a Capricorn if your birthday falls between December 23 and January 20.
  11. You are an Aquarius if your birthday falls between January 21 and February 19.
  12. You are a Pisces if your birthday falls between February 20 and March 20.