Dubai is a pricey town to call and it has many attractions that can alarmingly empty your wallet. However, if you are on a modest salary like most expatriates, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and achieve something for which many foreigners are coming to Dubai, whether they fly or save money. You can consider living in the recently constructed Central Park City Walk, as they are at a reasonable price yet giving a luxurious experience. One of the main things that make you frugally live in Dubai is to screen ‘must-haves’ out of what you want. When you learn to cut out what you really need, and just buy what you need, then you can not only spend a little money on the many fun activities that this emirate is so well known for but also spend a few of the money.

Below are some of the tips for on how to spend less on things yet live a healthy and vibrant life in this city


The population of Dubai is very diverse and after living here for only one year you can find several expatriates left. In almost perfect condition, and at a lower cost you would have to pay if you purchased the very same things in a supermarket, you will find outstanding prices on furniture, vehicles, appliances and almost all other white goods on the website.  Expatwoman has also a great section for classifications, as do common journals like Gulf News in the UAE.



You might be able to do without a car for much of the week if you live and work near a subway station. The metro is powerful, runs frequently and is much faster than in some of the popular Dubai jams. On weekends, you can take a taxi, which is much cheaper in the case of most expats from the west than back home if you want to visit places which might not be well connected by the subway or other form of public transportation. Although it is not very expensive to buy a car and gas can sometimes get cheaper than water. It can be costly to maintain your vehicle because extreme heat and driving conditions on your car can be priced here. Dubai’s multiple speed cameras are also infamous, which are not tuned to any universal norm and squeeze hard cash away from your pocket. Many of Dubai’s roads also charge the AED 4 tax any time you use these routes, this toll is known as a salik, which can easily add up to regular salik if you are on popular roads, such as Sheik Zayed Road or Ittihad Lane.



Much like most cosmopolitan cities worldwide, Dubai people are willing to choose to pour their hard-earned money into costly restaurants even though there are a few stylishly buffet cuisines. Especially in Dubai, when you socialise, the culture of eating food in fine dining will be heavy on your wallet, so save you money by cooking your food. Although there are definitely several places in Dubai where you can taste various delicious foods at a reasonable price. Though you cannot fully refrain from eating outside, you can save money, opt for lower-cost meals, such as Ravi, which cost you less than AED 150 for a sumptuous four meal (USD 40). Supermarkets in Dubai are also available at fair rates with fresh fruits and vegetables, while foreign food products are possibly more expensive here than in your own homeland.



Leave behind the malls during the cooler months from November through April, where you may be tempted to spend money and pick the beach or the park. Dubai offers various shopping festivals, where many free concerts and entertainment events, such as music festivals and local and foreign performances are arranged. Some beaches host free sports on weekends as well as free paddleboard and free surfing and yoga lessons, and if you can take yourself out of bed on a Friday morning. a lot of free things are happening on the beach. Another perfect way to meet people and have fun free of charge is by connecting people via websites.

The city is not luxurious and only for the riches, if you make a proper plan and strategy on spending your money then you can easily save your money and also enjoy in this city like the newly made Central Park City Walk Dubai have a lot of free activities and supermarkets around it, providing your necessities at a reasonable price.

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