How to Study Better in Senior High School: 6 Expert Tips

Studying is about finding the right balance between understanding, concentration, retention, and rest. Developing good study habits paves the way for developing many important life skills that benefit you in the long run. The sooner you establish a good study habits, the easier things will be for you.


Also, by developing effective study skills and habits, you are able to cut down on the number of hours spent studying, which leaves more time for other necessary things in your life. Optimizing study habits will boost your confidence and success both in and out of even the best schools such as Indian School Abu Dhabi.


The below-given study tips will help you to efficiently and effectively manage your study time and learn course material:


Study tips for Senior High School Students in Indian Schools in Abu Dhabi


  1. Stick to a Set Schedule

Our brain is meant to build pathways and habits over time, and studying is about building those mental muscles and endurance. Getting into a fixed habit of studying will help you to improve concentration and mental stamina over time. Like any other training, your studying ability only improves with time and dedicated effort.

Set aside a dedicated 60 to 75 minutes for studying each day and then stick to your schedule. Gradually you’ll be able to find the study rhythm that works best for you. You can split the time into smaller segments throughout the day, this will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with the study material.

  1. Create Your Own Formula Sheets and Diagrams

Reconstituting information into pictures helps you see and understand the material in a new way. For science and maths classes of Indian School Abu Dhabi, consider making yourself a formula sheet in addition to making flashcards. Flashcards will help you remember each formula in isolation, but creating one catch-all formula sheet will give you a handy study reference tool.

Create your own diagrams to help you remember the scientific processes. For example, for a biology class, draw your own cell diagram and label the parts or make your own Krebs cycle diagram. Examine the picture given in your textbooks and then create your own diagram without looking at the textbook. See how much you’ve been able to recreate accurately and then practice it again until it’s perfect.

  1. Rephrase or Rewrite the notes in your Own Words

It is possible that you get lost in a textbook and look back over a page, only to realize that you forgot what you just read. To solve this problem, make sure to stop periodically as you read. Pause at the end of a section or paragraph and without looking—think about what the text stated. 

Re-summarize everything that you read in your own words. Now glance back over the notes to ensure that you summarised the information accurately and remembered the relevant details.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

The absolute, most important way senior high school students can prepare for the efficient study is to sleep well at night. Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely paramount.

Getting enough sleep increases focus and concentration. On the other hand, the effects of not sleeping are much like being under the influence of alcohol. No matter how well you have prepared the material, taking a test without adequate sleep will do you no favors.

A regular sleep schedule is preferable and will do wonders for your memory, concentration, happiness, and overall health. But in case you are not able to sleep, just closing your eyes and relaxing will also help to some extent.

  1. Study New Material on the Same day

Reviewing new material the same day when it was taught will help you to remember and retain more of what you learned than if you were to review the same material at a later date. So make sure that you dedicate a portion of each study time to reviewing the material you learned in Indian School Abu Dhabi that same day.

This will help to lock the information in your long-term memory and it will serve you well in the future. Just a few minutes in the here and now will save much of your time of having to relearn the material at a later date.

  1. Teach the Material to others

Teaching others is a great way to distill your information and summarise what you have been studying. Find a study partner, maybe a friend or your siblings, and explain the material to them as if they’re hearing about it for the first time. 

The act of explaining material aloud to another being requires you to re-frame the information in new ways and to think more carefully about how all the elements fit together. And the act of running through your material this way will help you lock it in your mind more easily.


Incorporating healthy time management and study methods will benefit you in the long term and will serve you well not only in senior high school but in the workplace too. Good study habits go a lot further than getting good marks and evolve into improving things like discipline, productivity, and overall success.