Hunting Sports News Website

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Northwoods Sporting Journal

Located in Maine, Northwoods Sporting Journal is the premier hunting and 8Xbet fishing magazine for Maine. The publication was founded by Vic Morin in his basement. Today, the journal employs 25 full-time employees and is a leading competitor in the northern New England outdoor publishing market.

New England

As a subscription to the magazine, you’ll receive articles by top wildlife writers in New England, along with tips on fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. You’ll also be able to follow writers on Twitter every month, and can download articles in a variety of formats (JPEG, PDF, PNG, and SWF).

In addition to publishing articles, the Northwoods Sporting Journal also offers a great advertising opportunity for outdoor business owners. This is a low-cost way to advertise your products to a targeted audience of avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Womens Outdoor News

Among its many contributions to the outdoor industry, Womens Outdoor News (WON) lays claim to being the largest and most comprehensive digital publication targeted to women. Its content is a mix of features including the news, a blog, reviews, and other features aimed at empowering women in the great outdoors. It also has an impressive social media presence. This means that its plethora of information on a variety of subjects will be of interest to hunters of all stripes.

comprehensive gear guide

The WON’s main claim to fame is a comprehensive gear guide, outfitter directory, and practical tips for hunters. This site also tries to be a one-stop shop 8Xbet for the hunter’s dietary needs. The WON is also a proud member of the Sisterhood of the Outdoors, a woman-owned company that promotes women’s hunting and fishing trips. The WON will be in attendance at the Sisterhood’s annual youth antelope hunt in Gillette, Wyoming. It will also participate in the SOTO’s new marketing campaign.


Regardless of your interest in hunting, Eastmans has you covered. From their new mobile app to their website, you’ll find everything from informational articles to hunting area research. This multimedia company is three generations deep. Founded in 1965 by Gordon Eastman, it has been around for a while. They’ve been filming the outdoors for decades, and have produced dozens of books, dozens of videos, and over 120 videos. Their latest venture, the Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, is a collection of tips and tricks gleaned from their years of fieldwork.

The Xtra media consists of articles and videos geared toward a digital audience. The site’s best known for its “Gone Big” branded video series, which features several of the company’s top guns in the field. The company also produces a couple of its own shows, such as the “Eastmans’ Hunting Journals,” and the “Eastmans’ Flycast.”

Driven Hunter

Whether you are interested in hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities, there are a number of online resources to help you out. One of the most comprehensive websites, Driven Hunter, is filled with all kinds of information, including a blog, outfitter directory, videos, and giveaways.

Driven Hunter is owned by a husband and wife team. They provide a great blog, a directory of outfitters, and the latest hunting news. They also host a podcast, which features interviews with diverse guests.

The website has a strong social presence, with an active Facebook page and Twitter account. They are also partnered with the Sisterhood of the Outdoors, a group that promotes women’s hunting. They will be participating in the annual youth antelope hunt in Gillette, Wyoming.