International Preschools to International High Schools in Japan

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the whole world. Cut off and secluded from the rest of the world, it started opening up to outside influences at the beginning of the modern era and grew to be a major power on the world stage on par with the Western power. After the Second World War Japan became a pacifist nation that promoted peace above everything else. It however came to be best known for its iconic automobile and electronic goods brands in every corner of the world.


A G7 nation and the third largest economy in the world, Japan has a fairly large ex-pat population that comprises diplomats, students, business people, working professionals, and tourists. The fact that there is a large number of international preschools in Tokyo and international high schools means that many of these ex-pats can live in Japan with their families. Let’s have a look at some of the best-known ones.


Best known Japan Schools and International Preschools in Tokyo


1. Global Indian International School Tokyo

Global Indian International School Tokyo is one of the best-known private international Japan schools providing a world-class education to students right from pre-nursery to grade 12. The school boasts an outstanding campus replete with world-class facilities and some of the best teachers anywhere. Run and managed by the globally renowned GIIS network of international schools, Global Indian International School Tokyo is extremely popular both with the ex-pat communities living in Japan and the local Japanese people.


The school offers its students access to world-class curricula like Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge-CLSP, Cambridge-IGCSE, and International Baccalaureate Diploma. The school believes in providing a world-class holistic education that lays equal emphasis on academics and extracurricular activities. The success of this school can be gauged by the fact that its students regularly obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world.


2. Sunshine Kids Academy

Sunshine Kids Academy is a premier Tokyo preschool. They provide a range of top-rate academic programs for kids aged 2 to 12 years. These programs include toddler care, preschool, pre-kindergarten, afterschool, and so on. Their classrooms are extremely well designed encouraging both individual and group learning. These boast warm and comfortable carpeted reading areas with books and chairs where stories can be told and group activities conducted. A low student-teacher ratio ensures that every child gets the attention that they deserve. Above all the school provides a safe and secure learning environment that nurtures and encourages children that small to learn and develop to their full potential.


3. Axis International School

Axis International School Tokyo is a premier international school that offers the American pattern of education to its students. Founded in 2003 this coeducational offers world-class education from grade 1 to grade 12 to its students. The hallmark of the school is providing individual attention to the students helping them grow to the best of their potential. The school also offers a variety of programs to help students hone their English language skills which count for a lot in a non-English speaking country. It helps that all its teachers are from English-speaking countries like Canada, South Africa, and the United States. 


4. Horizon Japan International School

Horizon Japan International School is a world-class IB school providing education from preschool to grade 12. This co-educational school is extremely popular with the ex-pat community living in Japan, on account of the high standard of education provided by it. Individuals from as many as 33 countries teach and study at this school affirming its truly international character. The international character of the school is also apparent in its curriculum which is a blend of the IB, Cambridge, and Japanese curricula.




The international Japan schools are some of the finest in the world catering to the educational needs of students from around the world. In any case, receiving an education in Japan is a unique experience that leaves a profound impact on the value system of the students-something that they cherish for the rest of their lives.


Combining the best elements of the east and the west the international schools of Japan make truly world-class citizens of their students. The ongoing century belongs to people who are able to engage with people and nations from across the globe without missing a step. That is precisely the kind of individuals that students undergoing schooling in Japan turn into. In that sense, the children who are going to international preschools in Tokyo have a distinct advantage over those who are receiving their schooling elsewhere.


The schools of Japan are a picture of decorum, order, and discipline and that helps provide a great beginning to young minds. In a world that has seen more strife than is good for it, education like this is exactly what is required.