Keeping Your AC Unit Safe

Your AC unit is going to be your lifeblood through the summer and warmer times of the year. You need it running at maximum efficiency, as it has very little room for error. Here are some tips to avoid damage, keep the unit safe, and functioning at a high level.


What Damages My AC Unit?


Dirt and Grime


Keeping the system clean is priority number one. Above all maintenance, upgrades, or any adjustments you make to the unit, you have to keep it clean. Do this as often as you can without overdoing it. You’ll be able to avoid damage much more effectively when you are keeping the system rid of any dirty filters or poor air filtration.


Replacing Filters


Replace air filters as needed. If your filter is clean and operating well enough, you don’t need to replace it. However, if the system is supposed to be blowing cold air and isn’t, then there’s likely an issue with your filters.

Sometimes, you can amend this damage yourself. Simply pulling the filter and cleaning the affected area will get your unit running well again. But in other cases,Satisfied Air Inc HVAC the unit will still be running poorly. This could be due to moisture buildup.


Checking for Moisture Buildup


Moisture is going to need to drain effectively from your AC unit as well. You can actually harness enough water from your unit over time that you can even water your plants with it and have multipurpose extra uses for the excess water. Although, if the moisture is freezing over, building up, and causing damage or a lowered efficiency, you will have to make some adjustments internally.


Now, those adjustments aren’t always as clear as to what they need to be. For the best results, get in contact with a professional today. Heating and air conditioning professionals can quickly assess damage and root out issues, bringing you cool air again fast.