Learn To Draw Ice Cream Drawing For Kids Easy | Tutorial

Learn To Draw Ice Cream Drawing For Kids Easy | Tutorial

Drawing For Kids Easy Using a graphite pencil and ink liners, I’ll demonstrate how to quickly sketch three different flavors of ice cream in this delectable tutorial—Drawing For Kids Easy to experiment with different textures and sketching techniques. Have fun together!

What is required:

The following tools are required to finish this tutorial project:

  • A number 0.4 ink liner.
  • A number 0.2 ink liner.
  • A number 0.1 ink pen.
  • A number 0.05 ink liner.
  • The graphite pencil (I recommend using a B or HB type).
  • An eraser, three pieces of drawing paper.
  • The materials for my artwork.

A Drawing of an Ice Cream Cone


  • I outline the ice cream’s core with a graphite pencil. This line is slightly skewed to add interest and dynamic movement to the drawing.
  • I also added the shape’s upper and lower boundaries and indicated where the ice cream cone ends and the actual ice cream begins.


  • I draw straight lines to delineate the ice cream cone’s side borders and join them to the bottom point.
  • The ice cream ball is then drawn in a circle.
  • I am creating the cone and ice cream shapes.


  • I include the cone’s opening’s oval shape. It will assist us in appropriately constructing the drawing.


  • I doodle the diagonal lines to make the pattern of the cone.


  • I add a series of lines that cross the ones already there. We can now make out a rhombic design.


  • I smooth out the ice cream’s top and label the relief.


  • I garnish the ice cream with little nuts. Minor components will balance the drawing.


  • I mark the hollows of the cone pattern and the ice cream’s outlines with the 0.4 ink liner.
  • Using the ink liner, draw the contours.


  • Using the 0.05 ink liner, I create groups of hatches to the hollows.


  • I use the 0.1 liners to add rounded hatches to the cone’s sides. This little approach aids in increasing the volume of the figure.


  • I denote the relief of the prominent regions of the cone’s pattern with dots and brief hatches. For this phase, the 0.1 ink liner is a fantastic tool.
  • They are working to relieve the ice cream’s discomfort.


  • I finish drawing the top contours of the ice cream with the 0.4 ink liner. To provide a lovely texture to this form, I also add clusters of dots.
  • She was making the ice cream top’s texture.


  • I apply fine hatches to the ice cream’s sides using the 0.05 liner.


  • Three-dimensionalizing the ice cream
  • I add dots to the drawing to emphasize the shadows with the 0.4 ink liner. The ice cream is finished!