The kitchen is the heart and perhaps the most important room in every house. A functional, organized and aesthetically pleasing kitchen can add great value to your property. In case you are looking for new kitchen cabinets on a budget, we have put together some tips to help you choose the best kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune. Remember, going for the best value for money deals doesn’t always mean choosing cheaper alternatives which you will regret later. 

Money-saving tips that you can use while buying new Kitchen Cabinets.

Evaluate door styles:

Door styles can largely increase or reduce the cost of your kitchen cabinets. If you have already selected some door styles but looking to save some money, then it’s better to compare three or four-door styles and then compare their costs. For example, it is found that inset door styles with raised panels are expensive as compared to Shaker styles of doors. However, this isn’t always true, as the cost may vary based on cabinet manufacturers. Slab door fronts are economic and ideal for homeowners who are looking to design a contemporary or modern kitchen on a tight budget.

Switch wall cabinets with Open Shelving:

Open shelving is best for maintenance, but the biggest disadvantage is that they offer less storage space as compared to wall cabinets. They can considerably reduce the cost of cabinets, but are you ready to compromise with a cluttered look in your kitchen?

Select cost-effective wood species:

Cabinet manufacturers control the price of wood species. Local cabinet manufacturers or shop owners can guide you about the most cost-effective wood species you can use to make your new kitchen cabinets. Generally, wood species such as maple can increase the cost of kitchen cabinets. Hickory is better than oak, but oak is the most affordable wood species.

Choose laminate or thermofoil:

Laminate and thermofoil are ideal for reducing the cost of kitchen cabinets. As compared to all-plywood construction, they are an excellent and cheaper option. Thermofoil is a plastic finish applied to the type of engineered wood core or medium-density fiberboard. Laminate and thermofoil are very cheap but still sturdy and easy to clean.

Go for fewer drawers: 

Drawer bases are costlier than standard base cabinets. The larger number of drawers your cabinet has, the more you will have to pay for them. So, having fewer drawers can reduce the cost tremendously per cabinet piece. 

Reduce Customization:

Decorative legs, identical end panels, corbels, glass door fronts, crown moldings, etc. can significantly increase the cost of kitchen cabinets. To reduce the cost, select limited features for customization. 

Don’t add soft-close drawers and full-extension slides: 

Full extension slides or soft-close drawers can increase the cost of new kitchen cabinets. A good-looking designer kitchen or a functional kitchen doesn’t necessarily require soft-close drawers and full-extension slides.

No pull-outs:

Pull-outs add comfort and convenience, however, they can also add extra cost to the new kitchen cabinets. The type of pull-outs such as sliding shelves, trash bin, or miracle corner can be planned to place somewhere else.

No Glaze:

Adding a glaze to your kitchen cabinets can give it an aesthetically pleasing look, but they are not necessary for functional kitchen cabinets and can cost a lot. Even without adding them, you can have a nice-looking kitchen. So do not think twice to remove it from the list to save some extra money that you do not need to spend.

We have offered a few tips to save money on new kitchen cabinets. However, in case you want to go for your picture-perfect dream kitchen cabinets, you may need to splurge some extra money. There are plenty of simple options available in the market which you can adopt for designing a full-sized new kitchen cabinet on a budget.