Mystery Snail Shells Turn Brown as They Age

Mystery Snail Shells Turn Brown as They Age

Why are mystery snail shells turning brown as they age? Do they have a natural color change? Or is something happening to the shell that’s causing this? Armed with the answer, you can start planning your next mystery snail hunt.

How Mystery Snails Turn Brown as They Age

Mystery snails are small, green, and translucent snails that live in the water. They have no shells and can be found in any body of water.

The browning process happens when Mystery Snails age. The browning process is caused by a decrease in sunlight energy reaching the snail. This decrease in sunlight energy causes the snail to lose pigment, which makes them look less brown. Additionally, the loss of pigment also results in a decrease in light reflectivity, which makes them less visible to predators. Finally, as Mystery Snails age, their skin gets thinner and less elastic, making them more vulnerable to damage from other creatures or predators.

Remove Mystery Snails from a Glass Jar

If you’re unable to remove the browning process from your mystery snail by the methods above, try removing them from a glass jar using one of these methods:

Use a potpourri of different scents to attract the browning process away. This can be done by mixing components of your choice in a bowl or container and putting the snails in this mixture when you want them to go brown. You may also want to add some lemon juice, Cary Grant quotes, jalapeno peppers, or other types of spices according to your preference (see note below).

Use a heat gun or infrared light to reduce the browning process. A heat gun is generally best for this as it will cause less damage to the shell than with an infrared light, which can sometimes take longer and cause more damage. Be sure not to hit any sensitive areas on the snail such as its eyes!

Use water instead of soap if possible – soap canincomely cause further harm while trying to remove the Browning process from mystery snails.

How to Remove the Browning Process from Mystery Snails

If you want to remove the browning process from your mystery snail shells, you’ll need a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. To begin, place your snails in the jar and cover them with cool water. Once they start to brown, use a plunger to push the brown material out of the way and let the snails air-dry. If you have trouble removing the browning material, you can try using a hairdryer on high heat to clean off any excess color.

Place Mystery Snails in a Cool Place

If you want to avoid Browning Process from your mystery snail shells, it’s important to place them in a cool environment. One option is placing them in an ice cream maker or in an oven with low temperatures so that the browning process won’t occur. Another option is to put them on a baking sheet at room temperature for about 30 minutes so that they will warm up and start rotting.


Remove the browning process from Mystery Snails by using a method specific to the process. By keeping the jar close to you, you can remove the browning process from your mystery snail quickly and easily.