Nadi Dosha in Marriage Horoscope Matching & Its Remedies

“Marriages are made in Heaven” we all are quite familiar with that old saying, and to ensure that, we have astrology. Especially when a Hindu marriage is finalized, the Kundalis, or birth charts, of the prospective bride and groom are matched. This is done to see whether the couple’s ideas and feelings are compatible. Both Kundalis are examined for thirty-six gunas. The Nadi guna receives eight of the 36 gunas. This is the maximum number of gunas that the Nadi Koota can have.

It has been determined that the Nadi of the husband and wife should be distinct for having a happy and fulfilling married life. If a couple has the same Nadi, their horoscope is said to have Nadi dosh. The negative effects of Nadi dosha can be greatly reduced by taking into account different positioning and other variables. As a result, even if there is Nadi Dosha, it should be investigated from several perspectives.

If a Nadi Dosha exists in Kundli, the following generation will be weaker, and there will be a probability that no children will be born. Let’s learn more about Nadi Dosha and how it affects your marriage life, as well as some solutions.

What is Nadi Dosha?

Nadi dosha is a significant flaw that has the potential to cause plenty of problems in the marriage of two people. This dosha is detected by horoscope matching of the two potential marriage partners and occurs when the Nadi of the two proposed spouses is the same.

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What is the Nadi Dosha and Its Consequences ?

When it comes to your relationship with your spouse, Nadi is one of the eight gunas. There are 36 points in all, with Nadi having the most, i.e. 8. Nadi dosha occurs when there is a dispute between two people’s nadis. There might be problems in marriage if someone has a Nadi Dosha, such as a lack of attraction or health problems for either party. There can also be disagreement and turmoil in the marriage, and even complications during delivery.

If neither the bride nor the groom has a middle Nadi Dosha in their horoscopes. In property matching, the 8th dot is called Koot or Ashtakoot. Some of the 8th codes are varna, vasya; tara; yoni; planetary friendship; Gana; and Bhakti. Arya Nadi, Madhya Nadi, and Antya Nadi are the three kinds of Nadi. Everyone’s birth chart displays the Moon’s position concerning their pulse. As a result of the Moon, nine unique constellations include one of the native’s Nadi.

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Nadi Dosha Types

When it is time to find a partner, Nadi must be examined. Every one of the three nadis is named Aadya. Nadis symbolize the three Tridoshas in Ayurveda (cough)..

Aadya Nadi

This Vast Nature is connected with Aadya Nadi’s Vata dosha in Nadi’s body. It follows from this that the child of two parents with the same Nadi Dosha (Vaat Nature) would inherit that dosha and may have various health problems during childhood.

Madhya Nadi

In Madhya Nadi, Pitta Dosha is found (Fiery). These people are more prone to physical and mental illnesses such as anger and irritation because of their Pitta nature. Since their kid will inherit their dosha, if both partners have this Nadi, they may suffer from significant illnesses, such as jaundice at delivery. In addition, the kid may need to be maintained in an incubator.

Antya Nadi

Antya Nadi Dosha, also known as Ida Nadi Dosha, is governed by the Moon, and is marked by coughing. Marriage between a male and girl with Antya Nadi will be chilly. Children born to parents with this Nadi will also have this dosha and may have health issues at an early age.

How to Identify Your Nadi Dosha

We now know that the same Nadi is not recommended.  However, It is possible to trust in it and proceed with Kundali matching in any of the following circumstances.

When it comes to the second point, we’ll have to see how Sukshma Naadi turns out.

In the words of Sukhma Naadi: In addition, the first and fourth Navmansh of each Nakshatra have the same Nadi in Sukshma.


(1) Aadya Nadi Dosha: The first Navmansh is made up of aadya + aadya Nadi. As a result, it is aadya. The second Navmansh is a mix of aadya and Madhya Nadi. As a result, it is only partly aadya. In the third Navmansh, you’ll find antya and antya nadi combined. As a result, it is aadya in some sense. Once again, in the fourth Navmansh, there is an amalgamation of the two words, which results in the name of the Navmansh being Aadya.

 (2) Madhya Nadi Dosha: In the 1st Navamsa, the Madhya and Madhya combine to become Madhya. In the 2nd Navamsa, Madhya & Antya are mixed. As a result, Madhya is just a partial state. There are Madhya and Adya in the 3rd Namansh. So, a Madhya to a certain extent. The 4th Navmansh has both Madhya and Madhya, so it is a full Madhya.

(3) Antya Nadi Dosha: Antya is found in the first and fourth Navmansh. In the Second Navamsa, the antya is somewhat combined with the adya. The third navamsa has both antyana and Madhya, as well as an incomplete antya.

Understanding Nadi Dosha

Families begin the search for an ideal match when their kid reaches marriageable age, as per tradition. Before proposing to either a lady or a guy, it is usual for people to get an accurate Kundalini reading.

Each kind has been assigned particular points in the Ashtakoota Guna Milan entity, which corresponds to the 8th category of Koota types.

There must be a total of 36 flawless points on the board. For the horoscopes to be declared compatible, they must agree on at least 18 points. With the point-based match, let’s go into the weeds!

A score of 1 for Varna Koota Vasya Koota scored 2 points. A score of 3 for Tara Koota Yoni Koota – 4 points Grace Maitri Koota: Five points The Gana Koota score is -6 points A score of 7 is earned by Bhakoot Koota A score of 8 is given to Nadi Koota.

t’s the 8th Koota, and it’s the one that gets the most points. In Ayurveda, three types of Nadis are used to classify a person’s Prakriti: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata Adi (start)– Kaph prakriti Madhya (middle)– Vata prakriti Pitta prakriti is the( end)Antya

Importance Of Nadi Dosha In Matchmaking

One of the most significant criteria in matching Gunas for marriage is Nadi Dosha, according to Vedic Astrology. Marriage success may be predicted by looking at the relationship’s compatibility.

According to the birth chart of each individual, their Nadi will be decided by the Moon’s position in the Nakshatra in question. 27 Nakshatras make up Adi, Madhya, and Antya in the sky. It is believed that the Moon’s presence at nine specific nakshatras causes the creation of one 8-point Nadi in the kundli of a native.

In Kundali Matching, when both parties have distinct Nadis, the match is regarded more auspicious and appropriate, giving it the 8th point out of 8. If the husband and bride have a Madhya & Antya Nadi, then the marriage will be a success! No points are earned when both couples are from the same Nadi, though. Nadi Doshas are couples that get zero points out of eight.

According to popular belief, if both couples belong to Aadi Nadi, they are more likely to separate or divorce. If both the bride and groom are Madhya Nadi or Antya Nadi, they may both perish.

Exception in Nadi Dosha

When the male and female Nakshatras of the same Rashi are different, a Nadi dosha cancellation occurs. In addition, if two persons have the same Nakshatra but a different Rashi, it is considered a Nadi dosha exception.

Both Mangal and Nadi Dosh are equally important to Brahmin and Vaishya communities. They will advise against marriage if it is detected in Kundli, because the next generation will be weaker, or there is a chance of having no offspring at all. This dosha, according to some astrologers, has a lesser role than other factors when it comes to whether or not a couple will be blessed with healthy offspring, such as the couple’s placement in the fifth house.

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Items to Donate

As much as is feasible, a couple with a Nadi Dosha in their horoscope should contribute to the poor and the Brahmin family. Dosha is reduced as a result of this practice. Granules are the best option.

Mantra Chanting

Astrologers suggest the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to couples with Nadi Dosha for Kundli matching. You must be sincere and serious to heal the Dosha.

As a result of completing the Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja, the couple receives blessings and is cured of all Dosha-related problems. In several ways, this puja serves to prevent Nadi Dosha’s harmful side effects. But a knowledgeable priest must be present to supervise all aspects of the Puja.

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