Nine Indoor activities for Kids at Home

It is nice to get some fresh air and sunshine, but sometimes you get stuck inside. The reason could be bad weather, an unexpected school closing, or other factors. Indoor games are best to engage and bond with the kids in these situations. So check out the fun and engaging indoor games below for kids of all ages.

Board Games

Depending on the kids’ ages, playing board games at home can be a lot of fun. There are also many options, like monopoly, scrabble, bingo, etc. 

Art and Craft

It’s an engaging, entertaining activity for kids to colour and draw pictures. Always keep coloring books, plain printer paper, and supplies at home. For older children, consider taking some online drawing lessons.

Don’t throw away the empty boxes and paper rolls. Instead, give them to your kids, and ask them to create something from them, like animals, rockets, etc. It is a great way to encourage kids’ creativity. Also, search for the preschool in Ahmedabad.

Fun Science Experiments

Children will enjoy this indoor activity in the comfort of their homes and increase their interest in learning science. Take a few bowls and fill them with water, milk, food dye, baking soda, essential oils, etc. Then, allow the kids to brew their potions with spoons.


Kids enjoy puzzles a lot. With puzzle games, kids can engage with something that interests them. For older kids, make the puzzles challenging with a timer.

Dance and Exercise

It is an excellent indoor activity for kids to dance to music at home and get them moving. Play kids’ favourite songs or playlists and get them jumping and dancing. This activity will also be suitable for kids to exercise and make them physically fit.

Make Origami

Children can get creative using this folding paper art, which has been around for centuries. With fun, Origami promotes various skills in kids, enhancing eye-hand coordination, patience, concentration, and logical thinking.

Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Hide some prizes at home, and ask kids to find them. This activity develops a sense of achievement in kids and boosts their confidence.

Reading Games

Reading games are fun and encourage kids’ desire to learn things. In addition, they boost their desire to keep finishing and excelling with the reading assignments.

Pen and Pencil Games

Play fun pen and paper games with kids, like tic-tac-toe, name place animal thing, etc. These are entertaining games and encourage good parent-child relations.

Enjoy a fun time with the kids with these mentioned indoor activities. However, preschools also provide fun learning activities to the kids.

Preschool plays an important role in a kid’s learning process playfully and beautifully, and they ensure the overall development of kids. The preschool in Ahmedabad offers kids a conducive learning environment and various indoor and outdoor activities. If you are looking for a nearby international school, GIIS provides little ones with a warm, nurturing, and safe learning environment. GIIS focuses on bringing out the artistic and academic strong skills of kids.