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Online Sports News in Vietnam


In Vietnam, online sports news websites are a must for avid sports fans. These sites are a great resource for news on all kinds of sports events, as well as betting games and predictions of upcoming matches. They also feature Viet Nam boxing matches and offer a great opportunity for smart brands to enter the sports media market.


If you’re interested in following the latest sports news, Vietnam’s YouSport is a great choice. It features a wide variety of news stories in Vietnamese, as well as video content and live scores. The site focuses on football, but also covers other popular sports. It also offers live reporting and scores of many of the country’s major games.

In addition to providing live sports reports

YouSport also offers betting and 8xbet sports prediction games for fans of both soccer and e-sports. YouSport also features a list of upcoming sports events in Vietnam.


Vietnam has a thriving football culture, and there are several websites for fans to follow the latest soccer news. These sites also include live reporting and information on local leagues. Whether you’re a fan of the national team or not, you’ll find what you need here. In addition to live sports news, these sites feature scores and player profiles.

Many of these websites feature live reporting and video

Content, which is a great source for football fans in Vietnam. Other popular sports news websites include Thao 247 and BongDa, which feature news and information about soccer and other sports in Vietnam.

Thao 247

If you’re a sports fan in Vietnam, you’ll love Thao 247’s online sports news. It covers football, tennis, volleyball, rugby, and e-sports, as well as publishing live reports, videos, and interviews. Whether you’re looking for a daily recap of a major match or a quick glance at the standings, you’ll find the latest news here.

The site features articles

videos, and live reporting from various sports leagues, including the Vietnam Football Federation. It also has a calendar of events. It’s a good option if you love football, but if you’d rather follow the latest news on other sports, Thao 247 may not be for you.

Tuoi Tre News

There are many ways to keep up with the latest news, including reading online sports news in Tuoi Tre. The Tuoi Tre Newspaper is an English Epaper in Vietnam that covers a variety of topics. It provides news and information on business, entertainment, politics, travel, and the Vietnamese economy. Its online app also allows readers to comment on stories and share their views.

The New Hanoi newspaper is one of the most well

respected newspapers in Vietnam. Its online sports news section features articles, videos, and live reporting of major sports events in the country. The newspaper’s staff consists of experienced sports journalists with knowledge of the area and connections to provide accurate and informative information. In addition to articles, the website also features live reporting, video content, interviews, and standings.

Ha Noi Moi (New Hanoi)

Ha Noi Moi is a Vietnamese language online news portal that first appeared on October 10, 2003. It offers sports news, local and international business, and entertainment. The website has different sections and sub-sections for sports, business, and society. It also has a Facebook page and a mobile app for Android users.

The SEA Games 31 are a unique opportunity

Vietnam to promote itself as a safe and welcoming destination.8xbet The government has been aggressive in welcoming overseas visitors and has been working to promote tourism as a means to boost the economy. The number of COVID-19 cases has not deterred this drive.

Thanh Nien

The Thanh Nien Newspaper started publishing in the early 20th century and quickly became one of Vietnam’s most popular sports and entertainment outlets. In its early years, it brought together intellectuals and writers from all over the country. Today, it continues this tradition with its daily online edition.

It’s important to note

Vietnamese people can easily access foreign sports and entertainment news, which makes Vietnamese television stations a rare treat. Most Vietnamese television stations are state-run, and must first ask for permission from the Ministry of Culture and Information. This means that they must pay millions of dollars to broadcast sports events in the country.