Emmaboda, Sweden - May 13, 2016: Forest and tractor (Skog och traktor) fair. Stihl MS 261c chainsaw on wooden logs

Outdoor Power Equipment: Is it Time for a Check-Up?

If you have an outdoor power equipment like a lawn mower, chainsaw or snow blower, you know that it doesn’t run itself. It requires regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure optimal performance, which will save you money on costly repairs down the road. If you haven’t checked up on your outdoor power equipment in a while, this article will outline when and how often you should do it so that your machines last as long as possible.


It is important to winterize your outdoor power equipment if you live in an area that gets cold weather. This will help keep the equipment from failing in the freezing temperatures. Proper winterization includes draining the gas and oil, changing the engine oil, removing any fuel lines and hoses, and placing gas cans away from where they might freeze. It’s also important to give your outdoor power outlets a checkup as well. A professional can identify any problems with your outlet before they cause any damage to your home wiring or appliance circuit breakers. Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment is always ready to provide this type of service at competitive prices!

Getting an Annual Checkup

One of the best ways to ensure your outdoor power equipment is in good working order and prepared for the upcoming season is by getting an annual checkup. Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment provides quality service, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable technicians who are trained to handle any make or model of outdoor power equipment.

Anderson Outdoor Power Services is an authorized warranty repair center and we have over 40 years of experience in the industry. For more information or if you would like to set up your appointment, please call (864) 261-5191.

Choosing a Shop

You’ve finally decided to buy some outdoor power equipment—whether it is a lawn mower, snow blower, or something else. Congratulations! Now the hard part begins—choosing which shop you want to go to and buying your new machine. No need to fret! This blog post will help you find the perfect outdoor power outlet for your needs.

First, look at whether or not the shop has an outdoor power outlet. You can tell if they do by looking at the store’s website before you go there in person or by asking when you get there. This will help them know what you are looking for and save time while they search through their inventory.

Storage Safety

Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment has been providing outdoor power equipment in Massachusetts since 1981. In order to maximize the life of your outdoor power equipment and help them last as long as possible, Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment offers the following tips on how to keep your outdoor power equipment safe and free from damage.

Store all gas powered machines out of the elements with fuel stabilizer added and at least 1/4 tank of gas. The key word here is stored. When you store your machine, make sure that it’s not exposed to sun or rain. It’s best to store them in an unheated garage or shed during winter months.

Motor Maintenance Tips

Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment is your one stop shop when it comes to storage and service. We offer comprehensive outdoor power equipment inspections, repairs, and routine maintenance. We’ve been providing these services in the Omaha area since 1938, so you can trust that we know what we are doing.

If your outdoor power equipment isn’t performing the way it should be, or if you have any questions about the functionality of your pieces of equipment, give Anderson Outdoor Power Equipment a call at (864) 261-5191.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips
  1. Change the air filter. A clogged air filter will reduce the power of the lawn mower and increase fuel consumption. You can check if your air filter is clogged by removing it from the lawn mower and shaking it over a surface. If you notice large particles falling, you know that it needs to be replaced with a new one. If there are no visible large particles, then you may only need to wash the filter off with water to remove any debris that might have accumulated on its surface. A dirty air filter will increase fuel consumption and will also reduce power while operating.
Hedge Trimmer Maintenance Tips
  1. Change the Fuel Filter–A clogged fuel filter is one of the most common reasons hedge trimmers stop working properly. It’s easy to replace, and can make all the difference in getting your equipment back up and running!
  2. Clean or Lubricate the Blades–It is important to keep your blades clean and well lubricated so they will cut through hedges easily.
  3. Inspect Your Spark Plug–Check to make sure the spark plug has enough gap, clear of debris, and still has life in it before starting your equipment back up!
  4. Replace Your Air Filter–A dirty air filter can make even newer hedge trimmers less efficient at cutting hedges than they need to be.

Chain Saw Maintenance Tips

It’s important to clean your gutters before they get clogged and start overflowing. This is the best way to prevent water damage. It is recommended that you clean them out twice a year—in the fall and in the spring. And if you have any leaves or other debris blocking your gutters, be sure to take care of that too!

Gutter Cleaning Tips

Cleaning gutters is a dirty, messy job. It’s also one of the easiest ways to prevent unwanted water damage in your home. To keep your property safe and dry, give your gutters and downspouts a once-over with these tips:

1) Hire an outdoor power equipment professional to do the heavy lifting for you. They’ll be able to safely reach most of your gutters and get them cleaned out quickly and efficiently.

2) Get up high with an extension ladder or stepladder if you need to reach higher areas that are difficult to access from ground level.