Picking the Best Countertop for My Kitchen

Your countertops and cabinets are the lifeblood of your kitchen. Without a perfect pairing of both, you’re going to see the value of your kitchen diminish massively. That all starts with the material you choose to give these surfaces, how you style them and your habits in keeping your home beautiful.



What Do New Countertops Accomplish for My Kitchen?


Visual Value


Countertops create sizeable value for your Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories for functional use, but they also pop for new guests. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you have to have it set apart in some facet, and beautiful countertops do just that. Although, it does take that perfect cabinet pairing as well.


Countertops and Cabinets Sell Homes


If you’re ever looking to sell a family home and are looking for the best asset to invest in, put cabinets and countertops at the top of your list. Together, these elevate your home’s beauty significantly and don’t always break the bank. All you need to do is find the perfect material to make your kitchen pop.

Also, there’s going to be added weight from new slabs being installed. Be sure to account for this with your cabinets and flooring. They’ll need to be able to take on that excess weight in order to survive and remain top quality.


Finding the Perfect Countertop Slabs




Marble is a great place to start. Versatile, durable, and beautiful. You can never go wrong with marble. One of the key draw-ins for marble is its customizable colors and designs as well. Regardless of which cabinets you end up picking, you’ll be hardpressed to find a set that doesn’t match beautifully with marble.

However, it does take some substantial upkeep on your end. You have to take your time with these countertops and make sure you are willing to set aside the time to keep them clean and avoid leaving heavy objects on them. Otherwise, cracks can set in and muck buildup puts your surface at risk.




Granite is easily the most common and easily accessible surface on the market. You can use granite for just about any surface, and it’s highly heat resistant as well. With minimal maintenance and necessary cleaning, this is a great surface for homeowners who are looking to invest more into the appliances, cabinets, and more.’

The only major upkeep you’re going to need to keep tabs on is sealing. Sealing your granite surfaces will ensure they endure through all seasons and potential surface damages.





Quartz is one of the creams of the crop choices to implement into your kitchen layout, and can even be done yourself. As one of the few DIY surfaces, it also is more expensive. You’re going to need a sizeable budget for these heavier, more custom-designed slabs to be added to your kitchen.


What Makes These Surfaces Pop?




Reenvisioning your kitchen also takes a bit of innovation with the presentation. Consider how your lighting is adding to or taking away from your current countertops. You may want to consider under-cabinet lighting additions to particular areas as well. These minor additions can really make the difference, and it’s only right that you present your kitchen in the best format you can.

Quality Materials


If the prices are questionable when compared with competitors, you’re going to get what you paid for. Surfaces that easily crack and aren’t as pure as others will always come at a cheaper price upfront, but end up costing more on the backend. Shopping around is important in the remodeling industry to protect your best interest.



Color Scheme


The colors that your surfaces carry are vital to the tone they set in the room. If you don’t keep your color scheme fresh and exciting, you’re going to diminish the value of the rest of the kitchen. Find a color scheme that fits the tone you want to set and adapt the cabinets and appliances around it. Neutral and monotone colors are the most common for modern homes, while rustic ones have a bit more colorful varieties to them. Regardless of the slabs, you choose to go with, you need to put time into maintaining them.


What Maintenance Do My Surfaces Need?


Depending on the material you choose, you’ll need to be prepared for different levels of maintenance. For example, granite is a great option if you don’t have as much time to dedicate to maintenance at home. You spend more on the front end, but you’ll end up saving in the long haul with the lack of repairs and extra work. Keep your habits as a determining factor of whether or not you pick a surface. On the other hand, if you invest in marble, it’ll never live up to the quality of budget you put into it without maintenance.

Take some time to assess the best options available to you. Then, once you have an idea of the budget you’re working with and some of the pros and cons, you can make a well-educated judgment call on how to move forward with your new kitchen countertops.