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What most homeowners assume is that pool and spa inspection is included in the home inspection but it is not correct. The pool has a complex structure and the equipment attached to it which means that a special type of expertise and specialized equipment and tools are needed in order to inspect a pool properly either if it’s working properly or not and all the fixtures are working the way they are supposed to or not.

Most home inspection companies have a disclaimer included in their contracts in which it is clearly mentioned that the pool is not included in a regular home inspection. The main reason why it is done is that the complexity of the equipment and fixtures of a pool and spa make it hard for a normal home inspector to deduce what may be wrong with the whole system including the pool and spa.

A special kind of certification and expertise are needed to keenly check the complete system and then deliver a report to the homeowner about what may be wrong with the system and what negative effects it has on the system of your house.

For pool and spa inspections Houston has a reliable name called 1strate home inspections who have expert home inspectors on board with them to check the whole pool, spa, and sprinkler system effectively and efficiently, and deliver foolproof reports.

While residing in Texas, a pool can be a very beautiful and efficient addition in your house due to the heat but in addition to being a source of increasing the value of your home, it can become an area of great concern and even a safety hazard if not checked and taken care of properly. So if you are ever thinking of buying a house that consists of a pool, you should always know that it needs the same attention as the rest of your house and sometimes even more. A pool and spa inspection will always come in handy while buying a new house as it keeps you aware of the current condition of the property and how it might or might not be an area of concern for you in near future.

Pool and spa inspection is very detailed and covers many aspects when an experienced pool inspector is present at the property and knows exactly what he is doing. A proper pool inspection includes the inspection of pool liner and foundation, basic equipment such as pumps, heaters, filters, and other electrical components, decks and coping, hardware such as drains, lights, and ladders, and most importantly the safety features such as secure fencing and proper latching gates. All of these points are very complex and far from the area of expertise of a general home inspector which means that only a certified and properly qualified inspector in the concerned field will be able to conduct a successful pool inspection and derive fruitful results for you.

In Houston home inspectors are scattered everywhere and we do not know who to trust and who to ignore considering them as some frauds but this is not the actual case. A home inspection covers many aspects, some of which are very simple and some of them are complex and each area requires a different type of expertise in order to deliver maximum value. The home inspectors at 1strate Home Inspection are certified by InterNACHI ( International Association of Certified Home Inspectors),  as CMI (Certified Master Inspector) by Master Inspector Certification Board, and as Certified Professional Inspector. These certifications make them eligible for the practices as per the state and apart from that, they are also trained effectively and regularly in order to stay up to date with the recent changes in the home inspection industry and the problems related to it.

For them, every customer matters which means that each and every customer is very valuable for them and is treated with the same privilege. It does not matter if you are buying a house or selling one or even just living in one and want a normal and regular home inspection for yourself, they will make the whole process extremely comfortable for you as they know and understand that matters related to your house which is a great investment and for some people, savings of their lifetime, are very sensitive and should be dealt with proper love and care in order to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. They are also aware that these matters related to the place where they live make them impatient so once they are done with the home inspection, they make it their first priority to deliver the reports on the same day as the inspection so that you can know as soon as possible what is up with your house. They have served for 10 years hence they know what they are doing so book an inspection today and leave the rest on 1strate Home Inspections.