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Public Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

With all the exciting destinations to explore within Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Arab Emirates is no wonder that one of the most frequently asked concerns we receive asks “how will I travel across the desert from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus

In the same way we have discussed within this piece in this article, there’s not a Metro that connects Dubai to Abu Dhabi. If you’re in search of the option of public transportation between the two biggest cities, then it’s that Intercity Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi that you need. This is definitely the most affordable option, but not the fastest!

Public Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

It’s back to the way it was before! We’ll update this page as soon as there are any significant changes to the service. We’re not aware of prices change, however the timetables are likely to differ. Here’s the most recent timetable that we have found on this route. 101 Route.

What bus services run on a daily basis from Dubai towards Abu Dhabi?

It is possible to connect three intercity bus routes that connect Dubai to Abu Dhabi
⦁ Route 100- Al Ghubaiba Bus Station (Dubai Metro Green Line) located in Bur Dubai. It connects to Abu Dhabi Central Bus station, Al Wadha. It departs every 20 minutes. It’s a 2.15-hour journey.
⦁ Route 101 – Ibn Battuta Mall (Ibn Battuta Metro Station Red Line) to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station, Al Wadha. The bus leaves every 30 minutes. Its 1.5 hours. 1.5-hour trip.
⦁ Route 102 – Ibn Battuta Mall (Ibn Battuta Metro Station Red Line) to Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station. The bus leaves every hour, making it a 1.45-hour journey.

What is the cost of the bus ride between Dubai towards Abu Dhabi cost?

The bus fare is 25 AED for one way. Customers are able to pay using the NOL card, or cash payment at the terminal departs from Dubai.

What should I expect to find on getting on the Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus?

The public buses are luxurious in the scale of things. They’re air-conditioned and come with information screens and special seating for children, women and disabled people in addition to priority lines for boarding.

Bus departing from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

These routes all are reversed beginning from Abu Dhabi back to Dubai.
Route 100 Route 100 Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station (Al Wadha) to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station (connects to Dubai Metro Green Line) in Bur Dubai. It departs every 15 minutes, resulting in a 2.15-hour journey.
Route 101 – Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station (Al Wadha) to Ibn Battuta Mall (Ibn Battuta Metro Red Line). It departs every 30 minutes. It’s a 1.5-hour trip.

Route 102 – Mussafah Shabiya Bus Station to Ibn Battuta Mall (Ibn Battuta Metro Red Line), it departs every hour, which is 1 hour. 1.45-hour journey.

What is the cost of the bus ride between Abu Dhabi to Dubai cost?

The bus fare is 25 AED for one way. Customers can pay with the NOL card, or cash payment at the bus station is located in Al Wadha.
No pre-booking is required you simply show in on the day and pay at the time you board.
If you have any questions about how public buses function for further inquiries about the public buses, contact the RTA 800 90 90. Call RTA 800 90 90. RTA 800 90 90.

Alternative routes to travel from Dubai Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi

If you’re not a fan of the lengthy bus ride or isn’t in your schedule if you’re looking for alternatives, look at these alternatives to travel to and from Dubai Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi:

Free flights on airline buses

Each of Emirates and Etihad provide services to transport their customers to and from the two major cities as well as their respective airports. It is a bit of a hassle that neither provides an airport-to-airport service however, they will transfer passengers at the terminal to central location in the neighboring city.
It is possible to view the complete guide on how the free airline buses function and what codes you should use when booking your flights as well as the pick-up points.

Bus ride from Dubai from Dubai to Yas Island theme parks in Abu Dhabi

While there aren’t any direct buses that connect Dubai for Yas Island, the Yas Island theme parks DO offer their own transport services that transport guests from popular pick-up locations located in Dubai to the entrance to Ferrari World, Yas Water world.

Read the complete overview of how these services function in this article.
Alternately, you can make use of a private or shared transport service to get you from door to door between Dubai towards Yas Island theme parks.

Dubai from Abu Dhabi by Taxi

Taxis that are public can quite a bit cheaper than you think when compared to booking a taxi service. The average price for an ordinary taxi ride between Dubai up to Abu Dhabi to cost you about 350 AED for a trip to Abu Dhabi’s central Abu Dhabi (including airport flag to fall).

Taxis from Abu Dhabi back to Dubai dependent on the drop-off location, could cost anywhere from 250 AED up to 350 AED. Based on our observations, Uber and Careem cost more to travel from Dubai up to Abu Dhabi than a standard taxi, however, it’s important to keep looking up prices on these applications to find out whether you could get an even better price or want to risk the meter being over the limit. However, it is important to remember that there are absolutely no issues taking a taxi that is metered in Dubai Taxis are highly controlled and proper use of the meters is essential.

Airport transfer service available from Dubai DXB as well Abu Dhabi AUH airport

Pre-booked transfer services can be beneficial if you’re flying in one city, but have to go to the other. They’re great if you travel with groups and are able to split the cost in addition to providing the security of a door-to-door service.
It is important to note that there isn’t a direct public transportation option between Abu Dhabi’s main airports Transfer services are even more appealing however, they are costliest of the Dubai from Abu Dhabi transport options.

Sea plane

To experience a unique method for a unique way to get between Dubai in the direction of Abu Dhabi, check out this service provided via Seawings departing from Abu Dhabi’s Port Rashid to Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. There is also the option of adding on tours and tickets to attractions in your Seawings journey, which includes going to the Louvre or theme parks in the theme park on Yas Island.

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