Questions You Must Not Shy Away From Asking Cabinet Makers

Cabinets are handy and an integral part of your kitchen. It is arguably the most expensive part of your kitchen and offers innumerable options in terms of designs and utility. So, before finalizing, you need to have a one-on-one meeting with prospective cabinet makers and ask a few questions. You should check for how long the cabinet maker is in the business, and what are some of the innovative metallic or wooden designs with which he has been making cabinets.

What Should You Ask Your Cabinet Maker? 

That cabinet will be a costly investment. So, make sure you get what you are paying for and meet your needs.

What Material Will Be Used? 

Even if you have mentioned your choice, ask cabinet makers about their choice of material and note down the pros and cons of each. There are various material options available in the market.

How Will The Doors And Drawers Be Made? 

It might seem like a stupid question, which is why most people avoid it, but cabinet makers might not always be making the doors and drawers themselves! Wooden, sturdy frames that are long-lasting should be the first choice for making drawers in bathroom, kitchens, and in your main rooms.  While this saves time and money, the finishing might not be as perfect as you want. So, ask the question and clarify!

How Will Assembly Be Done?

Some cabinet makers will use glue while others will use screws, and some of them both, to assemble the cabinets. Screws offer more strength than mere glues. Clarify the working process of the maker and make sure you understand every aspect of the process. The cabinet maker checks the joints, hinges and other connective elements before he finishes assembling the cabinet.

Is There Third-party Involved? 

Often cabinet makers will hire third-party to perform the final installation. If there are any final touches needed or any issue while assembling, you will want the maker to fix it and make it perfect.

Who Does The Interior Design? 

The cabinet is not there for merely looking good. It has immense functionality, and thus you will have to take special care about the interior design. Ask about the design, who is doing it, and customize it to suit your needs. Also, get a detailed drawing of the design and approve it before starting the work. This prevents any surprises or unpleasantries. Choose from an experienced cabinet maker who gives you lots of designs.

What Type Of Hardware Will Be Used? 

The functioning of the cabinet depends on the quality of the hardware. No one wants the cabinet creaking, getting stuck, or making odd squelching noises while operating! So the right kind of hardware can be purchased with proper warranty on the product.

Is On-Site Inspection Possible? 

You might want to check how your cabinet is being made. This will also allow you to get a better idea about the quality of the finished product, the quality of the materials being used, the process of assembly and fixing, and get satisfied with the overall quality of work. Quality cabinet makers generally don’t mind you visiting.

How Much Time Will It Take? 

Make sure that you get a precise timeframe of the entire project completion. If you miss out on asking this, you might regret it a lot later as the time keeps stretching, and so does the cost. You can talk to the cabinet maker once and try to check in how much time the cabinets would be completed.

What About Warranty? 

It isn’t ridiculous to ask about a warranty even if the cabinet is custom designed. Reputable cabinet makers provide a warranty on their work against defects.