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Secrets of the Sunshine Coast: Snake Catching and Relocation Services

It’s no secret that Queensland, Australia has some of the world’s most dangerous snakes. In fact, there are almost 20 species of venomous snake in Queensland and at least half of them call the Sunshine Coast home! For that reason, snake catching and relocation services are in high demand on the Sunshine Coast and throughout all of Queensland, particularly during summer and autumn months when snakes tend to be more active due to weather conditions. If you have an encounter with a snake in your backyard or in your garden, these snake catchers can come to your rescue in no time at all!

The importance of snake catching and relocation services

It’s been a tough summer for snake catchers in Australia. With a lot of people going about their everyday lives, but not taking notice to where they step, snakes can easily be killed. While many people would prefer not to have snakes in their garden or yard, it is much better for them to be relocated by someone who has experience with handling them. It’s important that you don’t try this at home because most snakes are non-venomous and will just slither away if confronted. If you do find a snake in your home then it is best that you Call a local snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast rather than risk getting bitten yourself.

The best time to catch snakes

Snakes are most active in spring, summer, and autumn. They will be sunning themselves on rocks, logs or grasses during these months. You can also find them at night when they hunt for food. If you see a snake in the day time, it is probably an escaped pet which you should call a local snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast to come pick up. The best time to catch snakes is when they are sleeping during winter so call a local snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast for help before they wake up!

What to do if you find a snake in your home

If you find a snake in your home, it is best to call a local snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast. There are many benefits to hiring someone who has experience dealing with snakes. They will be able to identify the species, determine whether it is venomous or not, as well as safely remove it from your property for relocation. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our team at Snake Rescue Sunny Coast on 0400 736 721.

The benefits of using a professional snake catching and relocation service

The best way to ensure that your home remains snake-free is to call a professional snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast, like Snake Rescue Sunny Coast. Unlike other companies, we offer a guarantee that if you see another snake in your house within 12 months of our service, we’ll come out at no extra cost. Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency services for those times when you need us most! We have many years of experience with all types of snakes, including venomous ones. Our staff has been trained in rescue and relocation techniques so they can safely capture any snake without putting themselves or others at risk. If you’re having trouble with snakes in your home or yard, it’s time to give us a call!