Several courses are available in correspondence with LPU

Post-graduation courses offered by the LPU

We live in a world where education is considered one of the most important things in a person, and when it comes to jobs and careers, a college undergraduate or post-graduation degree is a necessity. That’s why today here we will discuss MBA and MCA, the two most popular and important post-graduation courses, to provide candidates hindsight of their importance and need in people’s lives.

LPU offers both of these courses in full-time, correspondence, and MBA distance education courses. But when it comes to post-graduation, distance education is the best mode of education.

Distance education provides a sense of freedom to the students, as there is no teacher or professor supervising their work and they can study whenever and from wherever they want.

After graduation, many candidates opt for jobs, but the skills they learned in the undergraduate degree can only take them so far. So, getting promotions and rising through the corporate ladder, candidates need to upgrade those skills simultaneously and distance courses offered by LPU help people gain them.

These distance education courses boost the productivity of students, as everybody has specific times throughout the day when they are the most productive, and through distance education courses students can study whenever they feel the most productive no matter if it’s the middle of the night or early morning.

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MBA distance education LPU is one of the most popular courses offered by the Lovely Professional University. It is a 2-year course that focuses on imparting skills and knowledge in the fields related to business. MBA is just a gateway to many fields, such as marketing, accounting, IT, finance, and many more.

In MBA, candidates are required to choose a specialization through which they will learn deeply about the fundamentals of the sector they want to work in. For example, if you chose marketing as a specialization, then you will learn about marketing and learn the skills to work in an environment where skills and teamwork are considered a priority. Some specializations are Finance Management, Accounting Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Management, IT and system Management.

LPU distance MCA is another post-graduate program that helps students get better jobs, salaries, and recognition. MCA (Master of Computer Application) is a 2-year post-graduation course that focuses on imparting skills and knowledge in the fields of Information Technology. MCA is a gateway to many careers, such as – web designer, web developer, programmer, software engineer, and many more. This course is a mixture of both practical and theoretical knowledge. LPU distance MCA trains students by teaching them a modernized syllabus that includes subjects and concepts that will be useful for the decades to come.

In a competitive industry like IT, skills and knowledge are the only things that can take you to the top, and through courses like LPU distance MBA and LPU distance MCA candidates can learn and hone those skills to perfection.

The admission process for LPU is mentioned below. Check out below to fill out the application form. The Application form can be obtained from the admission office or can be filled out online from the LPU website or Distance Education Department. The process of Admission is completely based on merit-based.  Hence the Selected candidates need to visit the admission office and to complete the rest procedure. In order to confirm their seat and Final admission is subject to verification of documents.