Hire a Lawyer to get My Record Sealed
Hire a Lawyer to get My Record Sealed

Should I Hire a Lawyer to get My Record Sealed?

The first concern with any record expungement is: Do I need a lawyer to wipe my record? Therefore, the response is that a lawyer is required in order to have a criminal record expunged. Anyone may act on their own behalf in any expungement matter. But you shouldn’t. If you’re considering having your record wiped but don’t think you need a lawyer to do so, this website is for you. Before you dismiss this post as a piece of self-serving fiction from the business world, give me a chance to explain myself.

Why should you request a suspension of your criminal record?

Your quality of life might be considerably lowered by a criminal background. One way to decrease the potential troubles caused by your unfortunate situation is to have the record erased. Currently, anything that might be uncovered through a background check is referred to as a person’s “record.” Therefore, even if the charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty, these records might still be uncovered via a record check.

Determining your eligibility for an expungement might be challenging

Do I need a lawyer to get my record expunged? But the query is challenging. Nobody should be shocked by the legislature’s blatant misinterpretation of the expungement law. Each type of criminal record erasure law has specific filing, service, and proving requirements. The tens of thousands of words that make up these laws contain a multitude of restrictions, conditions, exceptions, and legal requirements, all of which interact with one another.

Even if you fulfill the legal conditions for expungement, the court may nonetheless deny your request

Legally being eligible for an expungement does not guarantee that you will receive one.

The following three requirements must also be found to be true by the judge in the court file:

  • You have proven by your deeds that you pose no danger to the state’s citizens’ safety.
  • The expungement is in keeping with the welfare of the public.
  • The expungement is justified by the interests of justice. Because the court’s judgment on these two findings is totally “discretionary,” the judge may deny your request for expungement if they don’t agree that it is warranted.

Do I require legal representation to have my record expunged? By hiring a lawyer, you’ll save a ton of time and anxiety

It would be a waste of your valuable time to devote hours upon hours to doing all the necessary research for your expungement. On your own, you’ll waste weeks determining your eligibility, searching for court records, and learning how to create a petition, file it in accordance with your county’s specific court regulations, and serve the other parties.

Where can I find a lawyer to have my record cleared?

The answer to the question “do I need a lawyer to wipe my record?” is “yes,” however if you are concerned that your criminal record can be used against you and think you might be qualified, it’s crucial to consult with a lawyer to help you through the expungement process. An experienced expungement lawyer can help you better understand your alternatives and legal rights Read more