Hyundai new car launches in India
Hyundai new car launches in India

Sneak Peek: The Hottest Hyundai Cars Arriving Soon in India

The Indian automobile market is buzzing with anticipation as Hyundai gears up to launch a series of exciting new models. Known for their stylish designs, advanced technology, and reliable performance, Hyundai’s upcoming cars promise to set new benchmarks in their respective segments. Gallops Hyundai is renown Hyundai car dealership in Ahmedabad that is jam-packed with all advanced line-ups. Here’s a sneak peek at the hottest Hyundai cars that will soon grace the Indian roads.

Hyundai Creta EV Facelift

  • Design and Exterior Upgrades: The Hyundai Creta, a leader in the compact SUV segment, is set to receive a significant facelift. The new design is expected to include a more aggressive front grille, redesigned LED headlamps, and a sportier bumper. The rear will likely feature new LED tail lamps and a refreshed tailgate design.
  • Interior and Features: Inside, the Creta Facelift will boast a more premium cabin with upgraded materials and finishes. Expect a larger touchscreen infotainment system with the latest connectivity features. A fully digital instrument cluster, and enhanced safety features like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
  • Engine and Performance: The updated Creta will continue to offer a range of petrol and diesel engines, including the 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol, 1.4-liter turbo-petrol, and 1.5-liter diesel engines. These engines will be paired with manual and automatic transmission options. Ensuring a versatile driving experience.
New Hyundai Cars in India
New Hyundai Cars in India

Hyundai Venue N Line

  • Sporty Aesthetics: Building on the success of the Venue compact SUV, Hyundai is introducing the Venue N Line. This sporty variant will feature distinctive exterior elements such as a more aggressive front grille. Red accents on the bumpers, side skirts, and sporty alloy wheels, giving it a racier look.
  • Performance Enhancements: The Venue N Line will not just be about aesthetics. It will also offer a more engaging driving experience. With a tweaked suspension for better handling, a sportier exhaust note, and paddle shifters (in automatic variants), the Venue N Line aims to appeal to driving enthusiasts.
  • Interior and Tech: Inside, the Venue N Line will feature sportier seats with red stitching, an N-branded steering wheel, and aluminium pedals. The infotainment system will come with additional features like N Line-specific driving modes and performance data, enhancing the sporty vibe of the cabin.

Hyundai Verna 2024

  • Sleeker Design: The upcoming Hyundai Verna 2024 promises a major design overhaul, making it sleeker and more stylish than ever. Expect a sharper front fascia with a wider grille, slim LED headlamps, and a more aerodynamic silhouette. The rear will also see significant changes, with new LED tail lights and a sculpted bumper.
  • Advanced Features: The new Verna will be packed with advanced features, including a larger touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a digital instrument cluster, and a sunroof. Safety features will include multiple airbags, electronic stability control, and ADAS functionalities.
  • Powertrain Options: Under the hood, the Verna 2024 will offer a variety of engine options, including a new 1.5-liter turbo-petrol engine, alongside the existing 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol and 1.5-liter diesel engines. These engines will be mated to manual and automatic transmissions, catering to diverse driving preferences.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

  • Futuristic Design: The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles (EVs) set to launch in India. It boasts a futuristic design with sharp lines, a clamshell hood, and pixel-inspired LED lighting. The unique design elements give it a distinct and modern look, setting it apart from conventional cars.
  • Innovative Interior: The Ioniq 5’s interior is designed to maximize space and comfort, featuring a flat floor and a flexible seating arrangement. The dashboard is dominated by a large dual-screen setup that houses the infotainment system and digital instrument cluster. Sustainable materials are used throughout the cabin, emphasizing Hyundai’s commitment to eco-friendliness.
  • Electric Performance: The Ioniq 5 will offer impressive performance with a range of battery options. The top variant is expected to feature a 72.6 kWh battery pack, providing a range of around 480 kilometers on a single charge. Fast charging capabilities will allow the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes, making it highly convenient for long-distance travel. Gallops motors is an exclusive Hyundai dealership in Ahmedabad that serves the latest Hyundai car edition as entered in Indian market.

Hyundai Alcazar Diesel Automatic

  • Enhanced SUV Experience: The Hyundai Alcazar, known for its three-row seating and versatile interior, is getting a new diesel automatic variant. This new offering will enhance the SUV’s appeal. Providing a seamless driving experience with the convenience of an automatic transmission paired with a robust diesel engine.
  • Spacious and Comfortable Interior: The Alcazar Diesel Automatic will continue to offer a spacious and well-appointed cabin. It will feature captain seats in the middle row, a panoramic sunroof, and premium upholstery. Advanced features like a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, Bose sound system, and wireless charging will also be part of the package.
  • Powerful and Efficient Engine: Under the hood, the Alcazar Diesel Automatic will house a 1.5-liter CRDi diesel engine, known for its efficiency and performance. The automatic transmission will ensure smooth and effortless driving. Making it an ideal choice for long journeys and city commutes alike.

Hyundai Tucson Plug-in Hybrid

  • Eco-Friendly Luxury: The new Hyundai Tucson Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) is set to combine luxury with eco-friendly technology. The exterior design will be modern and sleek, featuring Hyundai’s signature cascading grille, sharp LED headlamps, and a bold stance. The PHEV variant will stand out with subtle blue accents denoting its hybrid nature.
  • Luxurious Interiors: Inside, the Tucson PHEV will offer a plush cabin with premium materials and advanced technology. Expect features like a large touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, a digital driver display, ventilated seats, and a panoramic sunroof. The emphasis will be on comfort, convenience, and cutting-edge tech.
  • Hybrid Powertrain: The Tucson PHEV will come with a combination of a petrol engine and an electric motor, providing a perfect blend of performance and efficiency. The electric-only range will allow for zero-emission urban commuting. While the hybrid mode will ensure extended range and flexibility for long drives.
Hyundai New Santa Fe
Hyundai New Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

  • Bold and Rugged Design: The all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is set to make a bold statement with its rugged and aggressive design. Featuring a massive front grille, T-shaped LED daytime running lights. And a muscular stance, the Santa Fe will exude confidence and sophistication on the road.
  • Premium and Spacious Cabin: The interior of the Santa Fe will be spacious and luxurious, offering three-row seating with ample legroom and headroom. High-quality materials, a large touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster. And a host of connectivity options will ensure a comfortable and connected driving experience.
  • Powerful Engine Options: The Santa Fe will offer a range of powerful engine options, including petrol, diesel, and hybrid variants. The engines will paired with advanced transmission systems, ensuring a smooth and responsive driving experience. The SUV will also come with advanced safety features and driver assistance systems, making it one of the safest vehicles in its segment.


Hyundai’s upcoming line-up in India is set to redefine the automotive landscape with its blend of innovative design, advanced technology, and reliable performance. From the sporty Venue N Line to the eco-friendly Ioniq 5, and from the luxurious Tucson PHEV to the bold Santa Fe. There’s a Hyundai for every type of car enthusiast. As these exciting new models hit the Indian market. They are sure to attract a wide range of customers, cementing Hyundai’s position as a leading automaker in the country. Book a test drive to your favourite Hyundai car from Gallops Hyundai now!