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Spring Cleaning Your Car with Steaming is Easier than You Think

What’s easier than lifting a steaming pitcher of water and pouring it into your car? Nothing, right Wrong! There are plenty of things that are easier than that. Cleaning your car at the end of winter can be one of them, especially if you use steaming to remove stubborn grime from the inside and outside of your vehicle.


Car cleaning is something that most people dread. It can be a time consuming process, and it never seems to end. However, with the help of Bilvask, you can take care of your car in just one day. With Bilvask all-inclusive package, you will get your car steamed out from top to bottom inside and out. The steam removes grime, dirt and stains on any material surface within the vehicle by loosening it up and breaking down the oils that make it stick to the car surface. This not only leaves your car looking like new, but also smelling fresh thanks to Bilvask quality products which are infused in their steam formula for maximum effectiveness.

The best part about Bilvask is that they come to you!

The many benefits of steaming your car

People often think that cleaning their car means a lot of time and effort. But with the right tools, it can be much easier than you think. For example, if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing your car’s exterior, then Steamgrønt® can do the work for you! Steamgrønt® is an environmentally-friendly way to clean your car without all the harsh chemicals found in conventional products. This makes it safer for everyone involved, including our furry friends.

Plus, Steamgrønt® provides an innovative approach to automotive detailing by using high-pressure water vapor instead of harsh chemicals to clean and remove debris from your car’s surface.

How to steam your car

It’s important to take care of your car and clean it regularly. If you want to get your car looking its best, give an auto detailer a call and make an appointment. To do the job yourself, you’ll need some supplies. For starters, you’ll need a bucket of soapy water, dish soap, water hose or pressure washer, cloths or sponges, microfiber towels or paper towels (preferably ones that can be thrown away), and steam cleaner (like a Bissell carpet cleaner). We recommend using the steam cleaner because it’s easiest on the paint and finishes. Turn the machine on and let it heat up for a few minutes before spraying down all surfaces inside the vehicle. Use enough water to cover about half the interior area at a time, then let the machine do its thing for about 10 minutes before moving on to another side of the car. After cleaning one side, use fresh water from the hose or pressure washer in order to rinse everything off thoroughly. Repeat this process until you’ve gone through every surface inside your vehicle at least twice – including floor mats! Then remove any excess moisture from windows by wiping them down with wet rags before taking them out onto pavement for an even quicker dry-off session than if left inside.


To summarize, a car’s interior and exterior are both susceptible to dirt and grime. By keeping your car clean, you’ll help it function better, keep your gas mileage up, and make it last longer. Plus, by getting rid of everything from old receipts to fast food cups you’ll be able to find things faster! It can take time to get into the habit of regularly cleaning your car but once you do it will become second nature. Overall, whether for safety or convenience, if you’re a driver there is no downside in keeping your car clean. That being said, sometimes it might seem like an uphill battle trying to find the time to wash your car every week or vacuum its interior weekly. Luckily there are many products available that allow you to do this while still saving time, such as waterless car washes and quick vacs that let you easily vacuum carpets inside of your vehicle without having to go through all the hassle of laying out tarps and moving seats around. So remember: by following these easy tips about how to keep your vehicle organized and clean you’ll save yourself both frustration and money!